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:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

With this mod, cutting a tree will leave a stump behind. You can leave it there if you want, or cut it definitely by simply harvesting it again.
Below you can see how each stump looks like, from each tree:

:warning: This mod is not needed if you have ACE. ACE does the exact same thing already.


Attention to detail is, in the end, what makes or breaks immersion. This right here is a step in the right direction.


hmmm perhaps you can now add the grow command to the stump so that it will respawn a small or medium tree after some days? :wink:


Little something but I think it’d be nice if the trunk was differently colored on the inside, like the logs themselves.


Nice idea!
I had just copied the bottom of the trees for a start. This model is in low resolution (few blocks) so it is hard to create that effect. One way would be to add more blocks to the model (and shrink it so it doesn’t get larger).

If you any of you guys want to do that, I’m ok with it, we later can update the mod with the new models.

Edit: just tested this design. I liked it.

I personally decided not to give it a chance to grow back cause I like it more this way. But if anyone is wondering how to do it, you can insert this:

  "stonehearth:evolve": {}

inside the “components” section of your stump .json file, and this:

  "stonehearth:evolve_data": {
     "next_stage": "stonehearth:trees:oak:small",
     "evolve_time": "1d"

to the “entity_data” of that same file.
(next_stage is the alias of the tree you want to grow from it, and evolve_time is how long it will take)


I wanted to see if it was possible to just scale everything up 10x in Qubicle and then carve finer detail out in the center, but it seems Qubicle’s scale function doesn’t care at all about preserving the shape when it stretches, making some cubes thinner and and others thicker [at least in my old 2.0.18 version.] It’s distorted the most, in fact, with the smallest whole scaling factor - 2 on every axis.

left: large acacia stump. right: a copy scaled up by 2[/details]

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As shown in the picture above, I used MagicaVoxel, just for that feature. You can double every voxel without this distortion you had (the software is probably trying to guess the best colors instead of just stretching it)
Then I just recolored the inner trunk using the logs colors.


very lovely idea :slight_smile: will keep an eye on its progress

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I would love a view that turned all the trees into their respective tree stumps so that I can build without pesky branches blocking my build. The major problem with cutting down the trees you can plant yourself is that they’ll soon grow too big. At least with the ones that are already part of the terrain, you know how big they’ll become.


Mod updated


  • Fixed a rotation bug where stumps were always pointing into the same direction, could be noticed with asymmetrical trees and stumps. Now the rotation is copied from the tree.
  • Added ring colors to the insides of the stumps, like the log items.

Previous stumps in your save will appear very large after updating. This is caused by the new models having much more blocks, while the game ignores the new data about lowering its scale back to normal.
You can simple harvest the old stumps to get rid of them.

At the first post

Edit: I forgot to mention, these stumps lack descriptions (when you click at them, at the bottom left of the screen it shows the name and description of the selected item). It is not required, just cool to have.
If you guys want to collaborate and create some descriptions, that would be nice.


here are some first ideas
’in memoriam of the tree that has fallen here’’
’‘it had its roots here, and it would die here, and so it happened’’
’‘the entlings are not going to be happy with this one’’
’‘this one withstood mother nature for x cycles, (and the axe for two hours)’’
’‘could he speak, this oak could’ve told many things, now we read it from its rings.’’
’‘30 rings…31 rings… hey, a bird,… er… 1 ring…2 rings’’

’‘the text ‘this tree was here’ is absent. I Knew It!’'
and maybe a reference to stumps being used for darts.


to become a mighty tree, so you can end as a stump


How about

“Just a stumpy little stump.”


I was absent for a while from the game, but started a new village last weekend. While playing I cut down a small forest for wood. Would be nice, if all those trees would leave stumps to mark the former forest, I thought. And today I discover this little gem. Thank you very much for reading my mind (in advance :smile: ).


just found this gem… awesome mod thank you :slight_smile:

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My vote’s with this one. The Team should consider adding this to the base game, it’s that little touch of detail in regard of you interacting with the environment.


just asking, can you make it so you dont get the full wood until you cut the stump to?
(example)20 wood for tree, 2 wood for stump

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It is possible, but I think it would not offer a good gameplay.
You chop a big tree and get nothing, then chop a little stump left and get all the wood… It is strange.
Maybe it would waste a lot of time too, as you would need to harvest it twice to get the wood, while right now each time they hit the tree with an axe a log drops. So even before the tree is completely cut there is already wood being collected.

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I think he means that you get around 90% of the wood with the first cutting, then when you harvest the stump you get the 10% that was left.

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no i mean if you cut the actual tree you get for example 98 and when you cut the stump you get a extra 2

Though that was funny

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