Let's create a mod... unlimited wood

Instead of creating a mod by myself, I would like to ask everyone interested to join me in an attempt to create a joint “extension” to Stonehearth :wink:.

So here is the plan… after playing a bit, the way to reach new wood resources is becoming longer and longer. As there is no way yet in the game to plant new trees - together with you - I would like to add an alternative way to provide additional wood.

I have “prototyped” an idea and think it should work:

So the idea is to add a new item which can be crafted at the costs of 1 wood (in the picture showcased with a table). Once the item is place in the world, players should be able to harvest it (just like a tree). As a result, the player will get e.g. 10 wood back. This way players can trade in 1 wood for 10 and will get unlimited resources just around the corner.

What do we need?

:one: Adding a new item to the carpenter

:two: Allow to harvest the item once it is placed

:three: Add unique look (Qubicle) for the item (large and small versions)

:four: Additional features…

To get things started, here is some input related to item :two::

In the .json-files related to the trees there is one part which defines them as a “resource node”. Adding this to any craftable item should allow it to be harvested.

  "stonehearth:resource_node": {
     "harvest_profession" : "worker",
     "harvest_overlay_effect" : "/stonehearth/data/effects/chop_overlay_effect",
     "harvester_effect" : "chop",
     "description" : "chop_tree",
     "resource": "stonehearth:juniper_log", 
     "durability": 10

Anything you feel like you can / want to contribute? Discussions allowed :wink:.


Well, if someone updated rp_growing_trees, which shouldn’t take that long, there would be.

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I think this is a brilliant idea, and I approve of the endeavor… wholeheartedly… :smile:

I would elaborate on some ideas and possible contributions, but Isabella is glaring at me to use the PC… so…

:running: more to come!

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There are many roads which leads to Rome, no? I would love to achieve this one here with some more people than the usual suspects :wink:. So the way is the goal. I hope to see one or the other who feels motivated to take a look into modding. Might be a good opportunity to start with it and to share thoughts :wink:.

E.g. I am quite sure that someone can come up with an idea on :one: by browsing through your posts @RepeatPan in the following thread:


You could also mod in a crop that, when harvested, produced wood.

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Sounds like a good idea related to item :four: (as an additional feature) :wink:. I was also thinking about adding a second item which can be used to harvest fabric out of, so the comfortable bed could be crafted.

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Well, while you’re there, you could create a crop that spawned comfy beds. :wink:

Cotton has totally been on my to-do list for 6 months now. T__T And at this rate, I bet you can get there faster than me. :wink:

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@sdee’s suggestion actually sounds like the more straightforward approach… similar to tree farms in Minecraft (or any other game where you can continually plant/harvest materials), it seems like being able to replant trees would be worth pursuing…

we might be heading the team off at the pass though, given their intentions to do the same thing:

I think you need to be able to plant trees, it’s just a matter of when … so sure you’ll be able to plant trees … it’ll be something figured out in tuning.

we could still utilize the carpenter, and require that he create the tool(s) necessary to either extract saplings from logs and/or the tools used for replanting/preparing the land, etc.

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Don’t worry about us! :slight_smile: Our lasers are set on monsters on the horizon. :wink:

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excellent! that segues nicely into building our own mob spawners… :smile::+1:

clearly that falls into :four:, right @voxel_pirate? :wink:

I understand “crop” in a way that it will be grown via the farmer and once it is large enough could be harvested for wood. That is for sure a sweet idea, but also more complex than “just” turning an item into one which you can harvest. Don’t want to overdo it with my first activity since I am back from my beauty sleep. But of course… if this approach here is appreciated, the next one will be a bit more tricky :wink:.

P.S. Lasers definitely require water first @SteveAdamo, or have you ever seen dolphins with lasers on their head running around in the plains?


Which would work just as bad, with trees growing into each other… or not at all… Because you can’t have an effective tree farm without using lots of space or stacking them in ridiculous amounts.

But in theory one could easily merge the idea of trees-giving-saplings with the farming I suppose. A bit of entities_in_area to avoid growing into each other and some adjustments regarding size and yield and that should work. I guess.

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that has more to do with your farms layout, and the player’s ability to pre-plan for spacing… they are trees after all… give them some room! :smile:

not sure i understand this comment… the chance that saplings wouldnt actually grow? that trees would not produce saplings?

Trees in a Minecraft farm (the packed type) don’t grow if they don’t have any light, which happens if all trees around it grew.

It’s hard to adapt this to Stonehearth, really. I think “procedural generated trees” might be the best option… as in, when a tree “grows”, it simply “plops” with some effect, which then either increases the size of a/some parts or adds a new one (i.e. sapling => bigger sapling => first branch => first leaves on branch => …). I’m really not sure how this whole thing would fit into the whole design as we’re still not sure what a fursplosion is.

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So I have started to add a recipe ( :one: ) for a craft-able item to which I have attached the code mentioned above… so it is also possible to be harvested. Here is what I think needs to be covered at least:

… morewood (mod-folder)
… … manifest.json (including the definitions related to the mod, introducing the item)
… … entities (folder)
… … … wood.json (defining the placed “furniture” and its ability to be harvested)
… … … wood.png (picture shown in the crafting window)
… … … wood.qb (model for the placed item)
… … … wood_proxy.json (definition of the “furniture” as displayed in the storage)
… … … wood_proxy.qb (model for the stored item)
… … mixintos (folder)
… … … morewood.json (adds a recipe)
… … … wood.json (defines parameters / information for the recipe)

What I am trying to do is simply to find out which files are linked to a single recipe and to move them into a mod. The approach is more or less try and error (e.g. if something does not work, look for it in the files)… and of course it helps to read the .json-files as there are references to other files included.


Maybe the “crop” could be bramble?

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The look should change for sure… maybe someone volunteers to create 2 models for the placed item and for it while it is in stock / carried :wink:.

And what do we do if there are no volunteers around? DIY :wink:.

I thought it might be nice to go back to @Froggy’s idea of using crates for transportation and implement them as the proxy-version of items in this mod:

Acceptable first try, no? And would leave room to add later on additional resources by just changing the icon on top of the crate.

P.S. Actually I have created a first version of this mod which can be found here: