Mod: Resourcecraft v0.2 (craftable resource nodes)

This mod allows players to craft an harvestable item which requires 1 wood in production but provides 10 wood / cloth via harvesting.

At the moment resources are endless and after a while all trees, etc. close to the own settlement are harvested. As a result the workers have to walk to more distant areas. This mod allows to provide some kind of an endless resource stream to the own city… at least for wood and cloth in v0.2.

How to install?

Simply download the .smod-file and add it into the folder “mods”. After that you will see a new category "

How does it work in-game?

A recipe is added to the carpenter under the new category “Craftable Resources”. Crafting the item will require 1 wood resource. Once the item is placed, it can be harvested just like a tree and will yield 10 wood or cloth (depending on the item) resources.

Which requirements?

Written under Alpha 3 - 0.1.0 (r92). Might get broken with later releases and not work with earlier ones.

Where to download?


P.S. Just recognized that this is my first “real” mod… :blush:.

Update: Just added another recipe which allows to harvest cloth. Finally getting a comfy bed :wink:. Once the weaver is in the game, I plan to remove cloth again and replace it with wool.


cool downloading!!!

Pretty cool, this should greatly help our little settlements. :slight_smile:

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hey i have been trying the mod out and it works grate! here are some screen shots if that’s okay. oh and you shod make more mods :smile:!!!


brilliant stuff @voxel_pirate! works as advertised… :+1:

too bad this wasn’t more of a community effort, as you had intended… but it turned out just perfect… :smile:


Looks neat. I’ll Try it out sometime.

Thx… will not give up on trying to involve whomever wants to be involved :smile:.

Update: Just added cloth as a resource to the mod so the wood does not feel so lonely and it is finally possible to craft the comfy bed. Once the weaver is in the game it will make sense to replace cloth with wool or something similar. Another option is to add stone… but there is no use yet.

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Stone is in the game already. so i will re download it for the cloth right?

Ok then. I made a nice extension. Automatic wood collecting with a beanstalk farm. Maybe @voxel_pirate can add it to his mod.

download link:

Thanks to colin Stimpson for the picture.


trying mod out now! make more mods :smiley:

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there’s just all sorts of goodness to digest in that phrase… :smile:

well done! :+1:

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@Miturion acutally this was the next thing I wanted to try out after @sdee suggested something like that. But I think this should go into another mod as the approach is different (to keep it simple for people who wants to re-use, edit, adjust, etc.).

Hello, your mod will not work for me :frowning: i try it with no mods just Stonehearth and still nothing i click play and it never comes up :frowning:

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I can confirm @BloodW0lf, also not working for me. On your question, yes you have to re-download, sorry for that. Unfortunately stone does not have yet any function in the game… so I did not add it for the moment.

@Miturion does not work for me either and neither can I open the zip-file. Maybe you need to upload it once more?

hmm. I will look into it.

yay it looks like a cool lil mod :smile:

heheh, seems like it does not take smod. I have re-uploaded the zipfile.
You need to extract it in your Stonehearth/mods folder. Then it should work.

It is in fact just a re-use, edit, adjust mod. With a little touch to get the game to recognize the new farm crop. Nothing too complicated.

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okay i will re download it in a bit

okay, let me know if it works or not :blush: