[MOD] OneLaughingLlama's Modding Corner - UPDATED + NEW CLASS FORESTER

Greetings minions,

Tremble and despair for you witness greatness. I OneLaughingLlama have delved in the dark mysterious regions of stonehearth at some very real risk to my sanity and physical health. Yet I have returned with the majority of my sanity and only a slight limp. Not only have I returned but I have gained in my travels. I have been enriched with a deep knowledge and a terrible power. What terrible I hear you whimper?

                   ***I can mold the world of stonehearth to my will!!!***

                       Now take time to bask and reveal in my glory


This in an all inclusive pack to allow you lazy people to grab all my awesomeness in one neat bundle.

Modpack - r156
Modpack - r162

This pack includes the following mods:

  • Moveable
  • Garden
  • Forest

These mods have been altered to work in harmony. No longer are the berry bushes required to create your orchards. Instead saplings are required and produced by the Forester.

This in the end is the goal for me. I am attempting in these early stages of the game to allow you all to play as you like. My main goal is to create a modpack with multiple features that adds both game play and content. This modpack particularly will be the most up-to-date mod I have. If you have suggestions please let me know.

Side Note: Currently the drop rates are temporary. Please let me know if you believe that the rates need to change.

Mod: Moveable

I bring you good news, those darn berry bushes and those pesky silkweed plants are now moveable!!
that’s right you heard me

Moveable - r153
Moveable - r162

Side note: I am yet to find a build this does not work on, let me know if you have trouble.

Mod: Forest

Are you tired of destroying the forests around you to establish your dominon?

The answer is neigh, I present to you a mod that allows the serenity of the surrounding landscape to stay as it was when you first settled with the introduction of the forester. This mod introduces a new profession that allows you to create a zone in which a minion will plant and harvest trees automatically.

Forest - for build r156
Forest - for build r162

Version 162

  • now requires saplings to plant trees. Saplings are gained from regular trees.
  • Trappers now require wood to place traps

*Compatible with moveable
Side Note: Does not work with Garden, please download the modpack for the combined version.

Mod: Garden

Minions cried to me for variation, for something meaningful to munch. So have been lenient with my little workers and gave them what they wanted. They are after all building me my empire.

Garden - for build 1687
Garden - for build r153

Garden Features:
- Food Event Bonus system (increases stats eg. apples permanently give 0.75 muscle and 0.25 compassion)
- moveable silkweed
- adds 1 new class
- adds 9 new fruit trees
- 3 new carpenter recipes

Version 1.1+
Compatible with Colors Mod by @chimeforest

  • Berry baskets can now be used as dye sources.

Minions, I understand that you have wants and needs. If you like I will allow you to place requests below. I might even be persuaded to feel pity for your plight.


wow, excellent work! loving the “food event bonus”… :+1:


Very nice! Only complaint would be that sometimes it’s a hassle to always move and then a bush/silkweed when you first harvest it. Maybe it would be possible to harvest normally, but have a place/move option like furniture and decorations do?

I’m going to have to download 1687 to try out the garden mod because it looks fun :smile:

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@chimeforest Thanks for the props.
I looked into simply adding the movable option to the plants, however when attempted I failed miserably… :smile:
After building the Garden mod I think it is possible now I have had more experience with the code.

I will get back to you. :wink:

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Awesome! Hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out! :smile:

EDIT: Oh, and I tried the garden mod, very cool! :wink:

Fun mod :slight_smile: Was having fun building my orchards… unfortunately then one of my workers got stick in an apple tree… any idea how to fix that?

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Hey @Thardimin,
Had this problem a couple of times. If you move the tree, the worker will move the tree and hopefully not get stuck again. Move it back once he is safe and sound. If this doesn’t work, PM me with a screenshot and I will attempt to determine the issue

Is there a way to get this mod to work with Froggy’s “why so blue” mod? both add to the carpenter and I get an error when I try to promote and the garden spade isn’t in the carpenters menu.

Would fun to have the cook along with the herbalist

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I will look into getting the two mods to work alongside each other. However I am currently working on a different mod, which will cause you to sacrifice your first born in my honor… If i cant get the current mod in the next day or two, I will turn to “why so blue” to see whats happening there.

Heh, let me think, my first born is 24 and a former marine, not sure if I can alter the honor part in him :wink: :smile:

Thanks for taking a peek.

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Hey there!
I loved the mod! :smiley:
My villagers never ate the oranges tho, is there a reason behind this?

Greetings @Ghost,

I have just tested the orange bush. My minions ate the oranges. Did you have tonnes of other food? I tested it with just oranges.

I believe that the minions choose a random food.

Thanks for the quick reply, well, when it was just oranges they refused to eat it, when I had one basket of apples with it, one ate those and the rest then picked oranges… but I can’t seem to re-create this situation (maybe one time bug thingy?)

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again, well done @OneLaughingLlama … seems you’ve got a solid mod here…

will (finally) have a chance to give this a run through this weekend… w00t! :smile:

@SteveAdamo let us know how it goes.

apologies… i was hoodwinked into taking a trip out of town today…

i’ll be back at the casa tomorrow night though… will report back as soon as i can kick the digital tires on this one… :smile:

Are the fruit trees the herbalist makes suppose to respawn fruit? gone through 4 game days and nothing spawns/grow, made one of each type of fruit tree, placed them and they had fruit then, but not anymore.

They should replenish fruit overtime much like the berry bushes do in the vanilla version of Stonehearth. They have been in my game.

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I have tested the latest build and here are my findings:

  • moveable works with the latest build.
  • Garden mod has a new download compatible with r153

Garden r153 is minimally tested let me know if you find issues

Dear developers,
Though you have caused me countless labors and a few hair wrenching moments I am pleased with the constant updates and the direction this game is heading. You have my permission to continue the good work.



New mod Forest

  • adds a new profession similar to the trapper, allows the player to place a zone for trees to grow and be harvested.
  • stupidly awesome mod, if I do say so myself.

New mod pack

  • Combination of all mods currently at my disposal.
  • No seriously I am just that spectacular.
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