[MOD] OneLaughingLlama's Modding Corner - UPDATED + NEW CLASS FORESTER


Lookin’ Good :smile:


Agree, awesome mod!
To make yourself truly divine, can you make it so it needs an item (one from the stockpile) to plant an sapling? I tried that myself once. But could not properly destroy an item. Got all kinds of errors.


I will gladly give it a go.

I think that my problem will be implementing the requirement of the sapling, rather than the destruction of the sapling. Let me have a day or two to fiddle. If you have the files you tried with, send them through. Or even the files you edited, PM me the names.



I dont have it anymore. But what I tried was basicly this.

After surveying battleground (vanilla), pick_up stone. Go to place on hunter area (vanilla), drop item (vanilla), destroy_stone. The rest was the same I think.

I will pm you the files I edited. But dont go on what I made :smile:. I am no coder. Might be requiring some completely other approach.



  • Forest, moveable and modpack updated to latest version
  • Garden by itself is no longer supported. It will be part of the modpack.
  • Small changes to the mods


Have you tried looking into the deletion of the carrying item?


Hey @Miturion

In the latest mod, the forester will get the sapling and consume it to place a sapling.
Have a look at the forester mod itself if you are interested in how its achieved.

This is potentially resource heavy, I need people to tell me how it works long term.


Ah cool. Thanks for the effort. :thumbsup:
This will open up a way to do some nice chain production.

Works great, awesome mod. Much more fun when you actually need some materials as input.

Mods that should be added to Stonehearth as Standards

Forest for r162 doesn’t load. I think it’s because the version is 1.1 and versions (as of right now) can only be Integers. When I changed it to 1 it worked.


it worked for me.

(grumble 20 chars)


Maybe you are using the modpack which has a version of “2” in the manifest? Forest by it’s self is “1.1” and gives this error in the log:

2014-Nov-24 19:28:33.454003 | server | 1 |                        resources | Module forest version 0 is out of data (expected: 1)


Yes I did use that one.


this been updated to alpha 7? throwing errors on forest


is this mod still going? if so can we get a rock tree ? lol


heyho an little update possible?


I would also love an update :slight_smile: but if you dont want or have time to work on it please tell us :slight_smile:


I’ve wanted to move Silkweed and Berry Bushes since I found this game a month or so ago. Very sad to see that Moveable doesn’t seem to work with 2560. :sob: How exactly are these things supposed to be moveable? When I click on them, there’s no move option as with other things.


Hi there @OneLaughingLlama. Great set of mods here that need a bit of updating. I’ll volunteer if you need help with your mods. :grinning: Cheers!


@OneLaughingLlama was last seen the 28 of july. He is probably either busy with something else or have just stopped coming on the forum as a general thing.


Thanks @thorbjorn42gbf:wink: As long as no one minds, I’ll see what I can do with updating of the mods since these are “classic” and I do hate to have great mods just fade away.