Taking Suggestions For New Mods

Hey everyone!

This is my first post to discourse, but I’ve been playing stonehearth for quite some time now (and have been modding in my spare time), and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas they wanted to see implemented for new mods!

If you’ve got an idea, but don’t know how to make it happen, or if you just want to see some cool idea you had come to life, let me know and I’ll see if I can take a crack at it :slight_smile:


hey there @tyler53, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i dont have any ideas for mods for you at the moment, but i’m sure someone else in the community has something they want in a mod.


Thanks @8BitCrab :slight_smile:

Yeah I have some ideas running around in my head that I’m workin on, I just know that so many people in the community have great ideas but not everyone has the time/resources to make them reality :slight_smile:

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More items to craft. ie stone and metal variants of all the doors and windows. Maybe something like a portcullis. More wall items. Some craftable statues in various sizes and poses.

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Sounds great! That’s a wonderful idea :slightly_smiling:

I’ll throw that down on my list (it’ll be the next thing I work on!)

Thanks a bunch @Communistpenguin - If you want I’ll post a link for you here when I finish it?

A slab/block on which we can farm, like the normal gras/earth.

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Also a great idea! I’ll take a look. I’m not sure if this would be a bit more complicated (I’ll have to look into how the zones/farming logic is handled). This may be problematic because we can’t really change the code of the game itself, we can only add things to be mixed into the content.

But I’ll definitely look into it, thanks for the suggestion @groms !

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The possibility to get more than 20 Hearthlings would be great :slightly_smiling:

you can increase the number of hearthlings in your options settings in the base game.

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Ok i will try :slightly_smiling:

Ok got it, but it’s only till 40 citizens… more would be great, like 100

you can actually change a line in your user_settings.json to make the limit even larger, file path for steam download should be something like this,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth


just change the line "max citizens" :20, into whatever amount you want the cap to be…

    "mods" : {
        "stonehearth" : {
            "enable_cpp_ai" : true,
            "enable_speed_three" : true,
            "default_storage_filter_none" : true,
            "max_citizens" : 20,

Ok, I will try it later

maybe an item or two to call mobs. like i want to build a Colosseum for unit training and personal amusement. but as of A14 there is no real to do this without dev tools.

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You mean like an item that would spawn goblins and wolves and such?

Precisely, just with control over where they would spawn. like a deploy-able item like a chair or table. but instead of furniture, baddie(s) appear on said voxxel.

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You could make them thematic. Like a goblin honor token spawns goblins, a gravestone spawns undead, a rock spawns stone golems, a small tree summons ents


Now you’re thinking. Let’s get those ideas flowing


Alrighty guys I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

I have a mod, have you ever played the game beast and bumpkins?,
look it up on youtube, the way the settlers reproduce… it has this sound, best noice in the universe :wink:

I want that :smiley:

Love Dale

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