[MODS] Great Coltini's Great Mods (V0.16 - THE 'FINE' UPDATE!)

Coltini’s Modding Area

To start, my name is Colton and I am here to present mod ideas that I am currently working on, and will release them here as they reach playable status. Suggestions for the mods presented, and new ideas for mods are always more than welcome!

#Stonehearth Expanded - (V0.16) [OVER 80 ITEMS!]
This will be the culmination of all of the below mods, with additional features as well.

What was JUST added:

  • ‘Fine’ statues!
  • Taxidermist
  • Farm animal statues

What’s on my TODO List:

  • Add poses for entity statues
  • Update Expanded Items Catalog (such that it features the new items)
  • Finish Mage class
  • Add ‘Exquisite’ items

##Update Changelogs

Version 0.16
**Added Features**
     - Added Fine Stuffed Statues
      - Ent
      - Entling
      - Kobold
      - Little Stone Golem
      - Necromancer
      - Ogre
      - Poyo
      - Rabbit
      - Racoon
      - Red Fox
      - Sheep
      - Shorn Sheep
      - Skeleton
      - Stone Golem
      - Squirrel
      - Varanus
      - Wolf
      - Zombie
     - Added Variations
      - Shorn Sheep
      - Mace-Wielding Skeleton
     - Added Statues
      - Ent
     - Little Stone Golem colouring
     - Lack of names for Taxidermist equipment
     - Varanus sizing
Version 0.15
**Added Features**
- Added Stuffed Skeleton (Still)
- Added Stuffed Varanus (Still)
- Added Stuffed Necromancer (Still)
- Added Stuffed Red Fox (Still)
- Added Stuffed Racoon (Still)
- Added Stuffed Squirrel (Still)
- Added Stuffed Sheep (Still)
- Added Taxidermist
 - Added Taxidermist Workbench
 - Added Taxidermist Carver
 - Added Taxidermist Abilities

**Bug Fixes & Changes**
- Removed Librarian until features are added
- Fixed Paper rendering issue
- Fixed Book rendering issue
- Changed Template issue (named Herbalist House was actually Weaver's Workshop)
Version 0.14
**Added Features**
- Added Stuffed Animals (Pose is bracketed)
 - Stuffed Entling (Still)
 - Stuffed Kobold (Still)
 - Stuffed Ogre (Still)
 - Stuffed Poyo (Still)
 - Stuffed Rabbit (Still)
 - Stone Golem Statue - Little (Still)
 - Stone Golem Statue (Still)
 - Stuffed Wolf (Standing and Still)
 - Stuffed Zombie (Still)
- Changed Impaled Head recipe to be: Head + Impaling Stick
- Changed leveling schema for Decoration items the Carpenter crafts
- Added decorative bookcases
 - Empty
 - Filled
**Bug Fixes**
- Various stockpile issues and missing names fixed
- Mage projectiles now properly change
Version 0.13
 - Added Impaled Zombie Heads (crafted by Carpenter)
  * Has 5 Variants! Heads are randomized upon placement of the object
 - Added Impaled Skeleton Heads (crafted by Carpenter)
  * Has 2 Variants! Randomized upon placement
 - Changed drop rates
  * All mobs will drop the heads with a 100% drop rate (subject to change)
 - Fixed bug where Stockpile menu did not show the Impaled Heads properly
Version 0.12
 - Added Impaled Goblin Head (crafted by Carpenter)
  *  Has VARIANTS! Thus, the heads are randomized upon stick placement
 - Added Impaled Necromancer Head (crafted by Carpenter)
 - Added Impaled Orc Head (crafted by Carpenter)
 - Added Impaled Kobold Head (crafted by Carpenter)
 - Added Impaling Stick (crafted by Carpenter)
 - Removed more requirements as you ascend the job tree in Stonehearth.
   * Will add once this is in a more finished state
Version 0.11
- Added Comfy Stone Bed and Fine Comfy Stone Bed (from Mason)
 - Added Comfy Stone Bed sleeping variants
- Added Comfy Stone Chair and Fine Comfy Stone Chair (Mason)
- Added new model for female mage outfit and hood
- Added Impaled Goblin Head (Carpenter for now)
- Redid model for Paper
- Redid steak, raw steak. and steak serving models
	- aligned steak models properly
- Redid milk bucket model
Version 0.1
- Added Cow, Cow Pasture, Milk Bucket, Cheese Wheel, Raw Steak, Cooked Steak
- Added Mage, Mage's outfit, Mage's staff, Several WIP Mage spells
- Added Librarian and Librarian workshop
- Added city tier requirements for 2nd tier jobs
- Added Stone Bed and Fine Stone Bed
- Added Paper, Book items

##Current Features

All of the mods listed below

  • Job-Based Building Templates
  • Librarian
  • Mage


  • Cows are a new farmable creature added to Stonehearth
  • Cows are obtained via the Shepherd, like Sheep and Poyos
  • Along with Cows comes Raw Steak, Cooked Steak, Milk, and uses for Milk such as cheese!


  • The Taxidermist uses collected body parts and resources to make entities into statues!
  • Promoted from a level four Carpenter, with a Taxidermist’s Carver (crafted by the Carpenter)
  • His crafting menu:

More Crafting Items

  • Stone beds
    The frames may be made of stone, but the bed isn’t! This will not kill your back!
  • Impaled Goblin Heads WITH VARIANTS!
    Currently constructed by the Carpenter, these ominous heads just might be an effective goblin deterrent! But… probably not. However, they do come in many shapes and sizes, randomly decided when placed!
  • Impaled Skeleton Heads!
    Featuring two variants, you know the deal!
  • Fine Statues
    Statues now function like Carpenter crafts, and have a chance to be ‘Fine’. Eventually ‘Exquisite’ items will come to the catalog as well!
  • Bookcases
    Show off your neat book collection!

Advanced Job Requirements is not in this package until I change how city tiers work, such that the player is not punished too harshly.

###The only mod not included with Stonehearth Expanded is Advanced Job Requirements!


Stonehearth Expanded (V0.15)

#Advanced Job Requirements - (WIP)

This mod aims to give Stonehearth a better feeling of progression, through rewarding the player for achieving higher city tier(s). The job tree is arranged such that the first row of jobs will have normal requirements, and then as the player ascends the rows the jobs will require a higher city tier.

##Current Features

  • Second tier jobs require a tier two city
  • Job list changed such that more ‘advanced’ jobs are higher up (eg. Blacksmith is now promoted from Mason)

##Planned Features

  • Modify city tier 2 requirements to avoid forcing player into Valor statue to attain level 2 city tier
  • Add Tier 2 Jobs dialog to the tier 2 success achieved message


Advanced Job Requirements (V0.1)

For all the mods above in case you missed the downloads
Stonehearth Expanded

Advanced Job Requirements [Not Maintained]

Expanded Item Catalog [Not Maintained]

###Bug Reporting
Want to be a real-life superhero? You can be the next best thing! Help me help you experience a better Stonehearth world, free of bugs and issues. Come across an issue and want to notify me? Post a note to my github/issues, and I will do my best to fix it up fast.

Bug Reporting Link


Aye @GreatColtini,
right now there is not much to say other than “I like the ideas”. Although I can’t really get to be friends with the Advanced Job Requirements, I’d love more blueprints and especially jobs.

Now… not to be mean or anything, but your models could use some work. Take the mil bucket for example. It doesn’t really fit in Stonehearth. Should be more like this:


I have to agree with Raze here. I dont really like the idea of needing to have a tier 2 town for new jobs.
I really like more classes and items and in general just more content. I love to see more people making mods for stonehearth.
Concerning the style it idd does not really fit stonehearth yet in my opinion. I do not dislike the models cause they are nice but they just dont feel like stonehearth. I have had the same problem and had some good help from the forum people how to make it look more like stonehearth.

A few things to keep in mind if you want it to make it look like stonehearth.

  • Keep it simple
  • Work with simple shading
  • Take a good look at similar objects of stonehearth
  • Dont use to outstandig colours (like neon coulors)

A few tips for instance for what you have now.
The milk bucket. Make it a wooden object, give it some simple shading and try not to have "floating"blocks. Try to connect every block.

For the steak try to make it a ltiitle more simple and a bit smaller. And maybe add a small wooden plate under the cooked one like the cooked pork from the frostfeast mod. The steak model looks pretty god but the colour is to “messy” so to call.

For the cow i really like it altho it does not fit stonehearth. I think its to skinny for stonehearth and had to much small details. The young cow is way closer to stonehearth style and i like the bell on its neck.

For the mage. The model is reall good stoneheath but the colours stand out way to much. Try the change the neon colours to the same kind of colour but then in the pastel versions of it.

Also concerning the cow i would suggest taking a look at what mods are already available. I know for fact that a very popular mod the “cafe mod” has pigs and yaks as new animals and the yak does basicly the same as the cow you are making now. It gives milk and meat and the milk can be made to cheese. And it does not have to be a problem cause i would like to have a cow but since i already have the cafe mod me and probably other people are less likely to take a mod with something similar.
I would love to see more animals like goats or gooses or something like that and maybe cows as well but you might have a talk with the owner of the cafe mod, froggy if i remember correctly. You might be able to make a child mod of the cafe mode which brings more recipes, farm products and recipes to the game. Since the cafe mod is such a well known mod that might even get you some more views on your other mods as well ^¢^
I myself am making mods as well an thinking of making a child mod as well pure to add some more recipes for the cook to make ^¢^.

Dont get me wrong i like what you are making and am eager to see more. I just want to help to get your mod to be a succesfull mod ^¢^

Cant wait to see more :3


I appreciate the feedback from both of you! I realize I haven’t uploaded much as of yet, I didn’t want to release something that was half-functioning - currently working with how to create the functionality of the Mage’s abilities and I don’t want to release the class if all it is is basically a glorified archer.

I agree that looking back the models’ visual aspects do not fit with the Stonehearth theme and I will work to make them resemble something closer to this style. And thanks for the tips on how to make the art more resemblant of Stonehearth’s style Yangzhoui (and thank you Raze for the concept image so I have a better idea!!)!

I realize that there are already mods available, which is why in part I want to aim for the aspects of this mod to be able to be added separately - so that if you have other mods and want to pick and choose pieces it doesn’t require any coding ability. Also I want to make this primarily a learning experience so whilst my ideas may coincide with another mod, I am not too worried about it.

In regards to the tier system, I realize that it doesn’t sound appealing at first - being hobbled for something that was not restricted previously, but I think this is a good way to promote reaching for the goals of attaining a second tier city. Rather than simply unlocking blueprints, you unlock things that are essential for your city to thrive if you hope to go on thus promoting building these statues rather than just ignoring the quest. It adds to the difficulty and gives a sense of purpose (in my opinion), and I hope that makes sense!

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Thats no problem at all, just tak your time. It’s worth it. Although maybe releasing could help us give feedback and help with problems which might come up :innocent:

I find it very hard myself to create something in Stonehearth’s style, so I understand that it might be hard. But just try to get used to it and it should work better over time. And if you might need some help with it, just ask, I’m certain, there’ll be people willing to help you and teach you.

Oh, and the concept image is not just a concept image, but rather a model I made to show you a basic idea of what to improve. You (and everyone else) may use it however you like:
milk_bucket.qb (200.1 KB)

Maybe something like this for the steak?

[details=Steak Render]

steak.qb (200.1 KB)[/details]

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That’s a very nice looking steak! I’ll take that model into consideration when I’m working on how I want it to look, thank you!

I have been working away on the various things - trying to thicken up the mature cow for starters, along with implementing some old models I had been working on forever ago. In terms of other stuff, I have done some simple things as I contemplate how I want the mage’s abilities to function.

So for progress I have several images, specific advice towards the cow design would be wonderful:



Stone Beds

Librarian Job Menu

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Concerning the cow. It already looks a lot better and tp make it even more stonhearth try to make the pink less bright as wel as making it has more big chuncks instead of lots of detail in the body. Stonehearth does not work with much detail. The head looks fine aside from the bright pink.

The bed is good but try and take a look at the normals stonhearth bed. I think if you use the same insides model of the bed it would improve a lot.
I do like the soild stone model. Wit the same inside of the bed of stonehearth it would make a nice new bed type.

Keep up the noce work!


Alrighty! I will continue working on it, thank you again for the advice!

Some more progress:


Stone Bed

Mage Outfit

Bucket of Milk

In terms of releasing content, I should be able to release some more things by the end of tonight. I will have the stone beds up in no time, just have to get the recipes done. I’ll add some more touches to the cows and they will be ready to go by tonight as well.


Wow i really like how the stone bed has turned out! It really feels like stonehearth and looks really nice!
The mage looks far better as well!
For the bucket it is improving a lot but i think the shading could be a bit better. The model already feels like stonehearth but i think if you the handle (as a whole) a slight different colour wood so you can really see where the handle start it would make it look a lot more 3d.

You are doing a real good job!

I would love to see a comfy version of the stone bed as well ^¢^
Same like the wooden bed that you have a mean and a comfy version :smiley:


Okay, thank you for the advice. I tried to do what you asked with the bucket but I don’t think it turned out right, I was going to leave it the lighter colour, but it looks off if the whole handle is that same colour. Take a look and tell me what you think :slight_smile:



Comfy Stone Bed and Fine Comfy Stone Bed


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There was a slight bug where it was not possible to actually craft the Mage’s Staff, this has been fixed as of now and the staff is now craftable by the Carpenter!

Looks good!

I think the handle being another colour is nice but you did not have to remove the center light colour of the handle.

Keep up the nice work!

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Looks great, will definitely start testing this with a friend. Especially the mage class looks really good, keeps it in the medieval-era feeling. If you need some testers to free up time we’d be glad to help. Not sure if there’s a PM button but feel free to use it if so. Keep up the great work !

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Ahh, my mistake! At first I thought you wanted the center light colour to be the whole handle colour, but now I understand what you mean. I will fix it up and it should look better soon. Thanks again for all the advice!

Thank you! The Mage is very WIP right now, I put it slightly on the back-burner as I processed some of my easier ideas first. However, I have had a breakthrough with the Mage as of today and it should be updated once I release a new version. In terms of testing, the best testing you can give me is simply playing the released versions and giving feedback on those. If you want to know specific areas I want some testing done I can PM you that too, and I would be eternally grateful and give credit with the mod information as well.

Moving on to a general update, I have resolved my issue with being unable to have one weapon produce multiple projectiles in a ‘hacky’ sort of way, and now we have three projectiles based on spell choice:



Along with that, I have been advancing my intended plans for the taxidermist by creating ‘Statues’, currently featuring many entities you will recognize. I will be working on implementing at least one variation of pose, combined with their ‘still.’ So without further ado:

So far I have just done the wolf ‘lunge’ pose, but I am working out ideas for more as well.


Finally, a modelling partner I have has designed some bookshelves both bare and with books which are decorative pieces - fitting for the eventual functional librarian.


Seems like great progression is being made, well done on the taxidermist statues too. Feel free to PM me for further talk or directives.

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The ice- and firebolt look a little bit … you know … nothing against your great mod :slight_smile: I could not do anything like that, at all.
But maybe those spells could get an other animation.

Maybe you can use the magic bolts from the Frostfeast mod(the bad cultists), if you ask Froggy and … uhm who was the other … nicely how they did it.

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No offense taken! Those models I made a year or so ago when I first started and I do not intend on using them, I just have them as placeholders until I create some! I wanted to work out how to fix the projectile issue and the pictures were more about showing the one character with one weapon being able to fire out multiple projectiles with different attributes.

I agree, the models are abysmal :slight_smile: !

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For the fireball maybe you can take a look at the fire arrow. Copy its effects and bump it up so there is more fire and animated.


That’s a really good idea! Thanks Bruno, I shall work on that after I add in the statues properly.