Fornjotr - Models mod R004

Hello out there this is the new beginning of @Fornjotr Topic

This is a cooperative Mod
@Fornjotr is doing all the lovely model work which i like
@Chabonit is doing the implementation

Pic of content implemented so far:

Table of Content:

Plants in World creation:

  • Fern


  • Wolf Rug
  • Heros Horn
  • Welcome Mat
  • Woodstove
  • Woodstove Chimney
  • Cultist Table Shrine
  • Play Castle


  • Crate with Parts


  • Dresser with Saw
  • Toolboard
  • Comfy Fox Bed
  • Comfy Fox Chair
  • Wooden Fox Chair
  • Dresser with Bonsai
  • Acacia Bonsai
  • Cabinet for Schoolar
  • Carpenter Cabinet
  • Squirrel baldakin

Leather Camo Armor
Leather Camo Helmet

New models will be implemented as soon as there is Time to do so.
Enjoy all these lovely things.


If you have errors, misleading links or anything else pls report and it will get fixed ASAP.
(to be honest i got very little testing time)


Looks nice. If there a special reason why you just did fox furniture or is it just your favorite furry? xD Ok J.k.
Still, looks really nice

Do you think the workbench on the right will get some usage? Like a new workshop?

Looks awesome @chabonit! I hope you all like the models and can find a use for them. More will come in the future and remember to check out the jewelrymod that Chabonit is creating here:

@Hiroyugane_DE The fox is a very special kind of creature that facinates me, but as you can see i am trying to make models for all the different kind of furs that is in the game :merry:


changed placement of squirrel baldakin

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Will this automatically work with The Jeweler Mod and/or other recommended mods ?

Hi @Maddygrand , yes it works with the other mods aswell, but if you encounter any bugs, please let us know in this thread.
Thank you.

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You might just be able to fit a furcoat or something in there for footmen or something.
Think vikingesque.

this one is based on a bear and there’s the obvious ones with different hides in patches.

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TAG: swamp.

So i spent this morning thinking about a certain tree i encountered during the night…

I dont know if this can be implemented into a biome as is, or if it will need some more work?
@BrunoSupremo you might have an answer to that question with all your biome work?

Well here is the Swirltree:
swirltree.qb (12.0 KB)
swirltree_autumn.qb (12.1 KB)


Is that a Runic symbol ? I think that might be in conflict with certain principles.

My goodness, this is a beautiful looking mod. Much like, very adore, such download.


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You are asking if it is possible to add into a biome as part of its world generation? Sure it is!
Or you are asking what would be the best fitting biome for it? I think a swamp biome.

I guess you answered the question that was in the back of my mind aswell, thank you.
I wonder if anyone is building a swamp biome filled with varanuses and goblins??? :jubilant:
If that is the case let me know so i can contribute please!

Thank you Moai! :merry:

Oh i see what you are refering to, the kinda s shape right? No its not made as the rune. That is just an coinsidence, but i will change it now you have pointed this out. Thank you :wink:

Just wanted to be sure you don’t get any hatemail or something haha.


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TAG: swamp.

I changed the thing @MaddyGrand pointed out, as it could be misunderstood as something else.

swirltree.qb (488.3 KB)

swirltree_autumn.qb (12.1 KB)


No idea…

Jokes aside, it was actually the first biome I made. Just not worthy sharing. Actually, it does not even work anymore, it will need some compatibility fixes to get running again.


If you do that at some point, let me know Bruno :slight_smile:

Heh, great looking trees! :merry: Ya made me giggle though, encountering trees at night and all.

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TAG: swamp.

A few thoughts on a swamp biome…
Would it be possible to make certain areas slow down momentspeed? kinda like moving under water does? I mean its a swamp, and quicksand and bogs would most certainly have this effect right?
carnivorious plants? any critters going to close to them getting snapped! or enemies :smiley: could be relocated by the player as a defence mechanism like the traps the engineer make?
Beehives or more likely wasphives…release a swarm of insects that attack enemies that comes to close? (replacement for the turrets)
A gameplay more based on the natural enviroment rather than crafted items. :merry:
In stead of sheeppens (even though the goblins apparently have a weakness for certain sheeps) could be replaced with varanus pens? The varanuses laying eggs like the chickens do and multiplying. When slaughtered they could give varanus skins, meat and bones? Making bones a new crafting ingredient for a whole new style of crafted items?

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TAG: swamp.

the boggertree.
boggertree.qb (24.0 KB)


Kinda looks like a willow tree

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