[A24+] epicdude312's Biome Mods

I’m planning to make some biome mods over the summer, so I’m going to post them here.

NOTICE: Please don’t put these mods on the Steam Workshop without my permission. I will put them on there when I see fit. This is usually soon after I finish the mod.

Mods I've put on the workshop so far
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Seasonal Forest
  • Windy Canyon
  • Volcano
  • Savanna
  • Meadow

Details & Download

A biome based off of the area where I live. Featuring snowy peaks, native trees, and lush valleys.

  • Rocky Mountain biome
  • Aspen Tree
  • Small & Large Fir Trees
  • Aspen & Fir Logs

Direct Download: ems_biome_rckymtns.smod (2.2 MB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395301771

Details & Download

A biome loosely based off the deciduous forests of the US East Coast in autumn. It’s almost a reskin of the temperate biome, but I changed a few terrain settings as well.

  • Seasonal Forest biome
  • Seasonal Oak Trees (3 colors)


Direct Download: ems_biome_seasonalforest.smod (1.0 MB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1395302035


Details & Download

A biome filled with massive cliffs and deep canyons. The special thing about this biome is that it is never sunny out – it is almost always windy. Or rainy.

  • Windy Canyon biome

Direct Download: ems_biome_windy.smod (527.0 KB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397044853

Details & Download

A biome filled with lava…err, red water. Hey, at least it looks good. The biome is very inhospitable - there are very few trees, which is bad for the Ascendancy, and there are no berries nor cacti, which is bad for Rayya’s Children. I’d recommend using Rayya with the Food for Days loadout.

  • Volcano biome
  • Dead Trees

Direct Download: ems_biome_volcano.smod (703.1 KB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1397952893

Details & Download

A biome somewhat based off of the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. Features clay mountains and savanna/joshua tree forests. Great for both the Ascendancy and Rayya’s Children!

  • Savanna biome

(This map is really cool! Seed is 383422563 if you’re interested.)

Direct Download: ems_biome_savanna.smod (839.8 KB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398132979

Details & Download

A biome based on the plains areas in the temperate biome. It gives those areas a bit more of a “plainsy” feel by changing tree spawns and adding in the tumbleweeds from the desert biome.

  • Meadow biome

Direct Download: ems_biome_meadow.smod (665.7 KB)
Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398182696

Also, help with art is wanted! Currently the story board images for my biomes are just screenshots with Paint.NET filters applied. (That’s the name of the program, not the link! If you want to get it, go to getpaint.net!) If anybody would be willing to draw actual images for my biomes (including the normal mode overlays), that would be great! (DM me for details if you’re interested.)


I’m proud to announce my first biome mod, and also my first public mod: the Rocky Mountains! Made for A24. It might work in A23, but I know it works in A24.

Details can be found in the first post.


The mod has been updated! Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • Fixed the strange border around the plains area
  • Added custom weather patterns – no more permanent sunshine!
  • Added support for @BrunoSupremo’s river mod

Here are some river screenshots:

The last screenshot is a really cool seed with 3 rivers (two in valleys and one on a mountaintop), and if you want, you can actually connect two of the rivers with waterfalls. The seed is 782081468 if you’re interested. (Make sure you have both this mod and the Rivers Mod installed!)

Anyway, download can be found in the first post. I changed the download link to have the new version. You’ll have to make a new world to see the changes.


I’ve made a new biome: the Seasonal Forest! As with the Rocky Mountains, it works in A24. Details and downloads can be found in the first post as per usual.


I made yet another biome: the Windy Canyon! As always, it works with A24 and can be found on the first post.

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Any plans to release these to the steam workshop. i recognize the Autumn one but wondering abut the others

The Rocky Mtn biome is on the workshop, the Windy Canyon will be released on the workshop tomorrow.

Rocky Mountains biome has been updated!

  • Fixed a bug where my new logs were not aligning with the grid

Download at the first post.

In a moment, I’ll be updating this mod on the Workshop, as well as releasing the Windy Canyon on the Workshop.

Volcano biome has been released! Download available at the first post. I’ll put it on the workshop tomorrow – it’s getting late where I live, so I’m going to head to bed.

Anyway, you should use the rivers mod with the volcano biome! It makes the biome way cooler, and it honestly makes me want to make a big dwarven fortress.

Don’t worry if your Hearthlings fall into the lava – it’s just recolored water, because you can’t really mod in new liquids right now.


Welp, here comes the next installment of my massive burst of biomes…I think I might have created the most biomes out of anyone on the forum, so that’s cool, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the Savanna! It’s pretty much the exact opposite of the volcano - it is very hospitable for both kingdoms. Download can be found on the first post as per usual.


Okay, now you can download it. Somehow I forgot to add the download link. Silly me.

Epic biomes, dude!


Double upload day today! I’ve now released the Meadow biome (and verified that I actually put the download link in the first post). It was admittedly quite hastily made, but it looks pretty nice if you ask me.


And yes epic dude, you are indeed the chief exporter of biome changes currently XD, the only one close is Bruno. (tbf the only reason he isn’t at the top is he’s picky in what he throws into the world :p)


Any chance we can get terrain colors added to the stone palette for each biome?

also a suggestion (if you take those) :
rainforest. think lush dark/high saturation grass, special large rainforest trees.
fog in the treetops. amazon-style rivers?
would make a nice biome if someone ever makes inca/maya-lings

Yep, I have around 10, but they are mostly just prototypes. So I only care about 3.

Here the list:

Archipelago and Canyon in Steam
Arctic, can’t be released, Radiant will make it at some point
Desert and Temperate transition, needs a full rework
future”, prototype to test rings and edge/border control.
moon, yep, the moon. Prototype to test those valleys/dirt holes.
Rainbow road (from mario kart), prototype to test floating things, for another biome, Sky
Sakura, which I turned into a plugin for the temperate. You add the mod and the temperate gets a pink theme. This is my approach from now on, instead of creating biomes, I will just extend/expand them.
Savanna, started as a prototype for river generation. People liked that one so I polished it a little turning the prototype into that biome. Probably will have the same fate as the sakura, be turned into a plugin, for the desert.
Swamp, on going group project under a lot of revisions. Soon a new version, with we hope the playable kingdom in a usable state.
Volcano, prototype for lava and controlled generation (a big volcano always in the minimap center)
And probably one or two more that I can’t remember that end up being deleted for whatever reason.

That one is my favorite from your list, it looks better than the version I had.


a Cave Biome would be cool just an enormous cave that already carved out but that probably be really hard to do i guess. a Few spots with some greenery that has holes above to the surface for some sun and rain to come down and grow a little bit of greenery in this rare magic place :smiley:


Funnily enough, I had that planned for today! I’ve already made models for palm, kapok, mahogany, and rubber trees. Might add more, but the fog in the treetops is a nice idea if I can figure it out :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s possible with terrain gen right now – as far as I know, the game generates terrain using a heightmap, so you can’t have overhangs and caves right now. Radiant will probably add caves into the game around the time Clan Amberstone gets released, though :slight_smile:

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