[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove

Inspired by the awesome Anórien Biome mod, I decided to make my own.
It’s called the Sacred Grove, and it features thick forests, rivers, lakes, and rolling hills.

Let me know what you think: I will continue with updates, but I need your feedback first!

Latest Version:
Check out the latest version on the Steam Workshop

1.2 - Compatible with A24
A big thank you to the generous @BrunoSupremo for graciously updating this mod for A19 and beyond
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Google Drive Mirror

[Patch Notes]

  • Updated drop tables for stone

Old Versions:
Dropbox Download
Google Drive Mirror


  • Reverted dirt patch changes to fix berry bush placement. May be phased out if I can figure it out but this is the method I’ll be using in the mean time FIXED
  • Updated links

Dropbox Download
Google Drive Mirror

This is my first mod. I will likely be making more.

Old Screen Shots


Sooo i have looked into it and its not much different from the normal at the moment ^^ ok im honest i havent looked much into the generator at the moment … just for some time for the archipelago biome for new trees xD

i think you must increase the trees and smaller the grass areas - i think sacread groves indicate that there are lots of trees and some very tiny groves to begin xD

Thanks for the constructive criticism. At the moment, the biome doesn’t add any new blocks to the world. It’s not supposed to be a radical departure from the Temperate biome. I wanted to to be a softer version of the Temperate landscape with more rolling slopes and a few more trees.

As for making the forestation heavier, I have tweaked the values a bit, but having too much forest seemed to really just get in the way of gameplay. Everything would always be getting lost behind trees and you just had to cut them all down to fit your town anyway. If people want a more heavily forested alt download I can make that though.


you know, even if its not much of a change to the current forest, i really like the look of this one, for some reason it reminds me of the original forest biome…


Even though it may not be too diferent i like the subtle changes tbh XD it will still be a nice change for some of the games with diferent landscapes. Yes if you could change it up a little more that would be awesome. maybe design diferent styles of trees or something? but good job none the less

EDIT: i am still going to download and use it lol

If you want to help me design some custom tree we could incorporate them into the biome! I’m going to put up an “old growth” alt download that his more trees and plants

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oooh! might try my hand at making a few, no promises though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Id be glad to help too :slight_smile: I am currently tweeking my own furnature mod so once i get the problems i am having down pat I will def help. Just having issues with the dimension values or whatever you call them. its a pain DX

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alright, here’s a first take on a willow,

still needs a lot of work, especially with coloring, but thought i would ask if you even wanted a willow before a sunk to much time into it XD


omfg its so gorgeous! that was fast XD


this is awesome! Would be great with some more bushes and groundplants aswell.

would love for a mod that creates giant fjords like you see in norway ( and most likely elsewhere but have not been there )

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Do you guys have a colour swatch list that you can share? rather than me trying to figure out and waiting for right lighting to copy in photoshop? lol wanna make the furnature the same colour schemes.

My wish has come true !! Disliked the normal biome since the change in A13 or A14, because the landscape seemed smaller with one or two mountainranges. This looks far mor balanced with more changes in terrain.

Thank you for the work and keep it up :ok_hand:


Awesome! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Any questions, comments, concerns?


The Arctic biome coming up might fit your taste!


You mentioned rivers, but right now it is really hard to accomplish that, if you are interested (I don’t know if you already know this) there is this line:

 "aspect_ratio": 1

That basically stretch the terrain in one axis. 1 for no changes. 2 would make one axis double the other, 3 the triple, etc… (can be decimal numbers, like 1.5, 2.7, etc…) This would make blobs bodies of water into more river like bodies. The downside it would also effect land and mountains, so your mountains would also be stretched.
I don’t know if it would be the desired effect.


I did notice that the river effect was difficult to achieve, exactly as you described. I was content to just have longer bodies of water that were somewhat akin to long lakes with “river-esque” shapes.

Do you know if there is any way to get additional vegetation to spawn during the tree pass? That is, can I make silkweed or other plans spawn between trees? Right now it seems like you can only get boulders and plants to spawn in the plains between forest pockets.

Updated to 1.1, including heavier forestation and more plant growth. Water should also be somewhat deeper and lakes and rivers should be longer.


Yes, but I can’t remember exactly what is needed. I need to get back to working with biomes again :stuck_out_tongue:

And just a small correction about the aspect_ratio mentioned above. There is actually one just for water, so yeah, maybe play a little with it. It is at the very end of the biome files.