(Discontinued) Building Colors v3.0 [A23+] & Clay Gen [A23+]


!!! NOTE !!!

As of June 29, 2018, this mod is no longer being supported.

At the time I first made it, and even at the more recent time when I updated it because I hadn’t been using language files correctly (so…many…lines…of text…), it was fine. It wasn’t glamorous, but it got the job done of adding more colors for the building editor, including those that matched both vanilla terrain as well as modded terrain. Aside from possibly a few redundant or “missing” colors because I didn’t sit and properly indentify all the sources for a given color and properly label them.

Then there were three big game updates that started causing cracks:

  • Steam Workshop: The workshop update means there was a small surge of new modded biomes. I kept meaning to go and add their terrain to my collection, and very simply never got back to it.

  • The new Builder: I heard reports about the issues with it. I also heard that those were resolved with one of the builder’s updates. I honestly never got around to looking, and don’t know enough about the code side of things to even really know where to start with it when it was broken.

  • Multiplayer: The real nail in the coffin. Very simply, this mod, in its current iteration, is much too big for such gamplay. The amount of information being sent between host and players, constantly, is going to be awful for ping, especially anyone who has shoddy internet (like my own, frankly).

Is this the end? No.
To address the issues, particularly the Multiplayer issue, I’m going to renovate the mod into a more modular one.
The Cattect suite is already in progress. This mod suite will add the functionality of Building Colors, pieced apart so you can pick and choose what content you add. Those who want all the colors can still do so. Those who want just terrain colors can grab those. And anywhere in between. Also, the addition of Patterns, as that’s been something I have wanted to add for a while.

I will not be taking this down; those who want to use this version are free to keep doing so.

Past Versions:

Version 3 [A23+]
  • Version 3.0: Download
  • Internal name changed to cattect_colors
  • Additional materials all temporarily removed
  • New addition of Clay as building material, for my extended mod Terrain colour palette
  • New Extended colors; I used a new method for extending the vanilla colors to sets of 5, and some of the original colors I added didn’t fit; they’ve been included as Legacy colors for the sake of compatibility and those who liked those colors
  • Wood now contains all the Stained and Painted colors
  • Stone now contains all the Dyed and Polished colors
  • Clay Bricks now include the Glazed and Terra Cotta colors
  • Clay contains all the mod Terrain colors from the various vanilla and mod terrains
  • Composting has been removed at this time, and will be moved to its own mod in the future
  • Mod now uses locale file and should be able to be translated into other languages

As a note, given the planned changes to the building editor expected in A24, this may be the last update to this mod. To be seen after it is released.

(Optional): Small Mod to Increase Clay Generation:

  • To go with having Clay as one of the building resources
  • Increases chance of Clay dropping from dirt
  • Adds chance for Clay to drop from grass
  • Adds small chance for Clay to drop from stone





Clay Brick


Version 2

[A22.5] Building Colors Mod

Version 2.0: Download

This mod overhauls the building brushes:

  • New colours to the standard Stone, Wood, and Clay Brick palettes, including ones that “finish” existing sets (Expanded), as well as sets of entirely new colours.

    • Current colour sets: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan/Ice Blue, Blue, Violet, Pink, White, Black, Grey.
      There is also a Brown set, currently exclusive to Clay Bricks.
    • @Relyss’s slabs with Terrain colours sets are also available, in their respective materials with the original names retained.
  • Entirely new building materials!

    • Painted Wood: The wood’s colour selection, with increased saturation.
      Requires Primed Wood, crafted by the Carpenter.
    • Polished Stone: Stones with colours meant to match real world stones and precious stones.
      Requires Refined Stone, crafted by the Mason
    • Terra Cotta: The clay brick palette, made darker and more muted.
      Requires Adobe, crafted by any crafting class.
    • Pisé de Terra: Terrain based colours, gathering from all current biomes.
      Requires Packed Dirt, crafted by any crafting class using dirt.
      Current biome list: Forest, Desert, Anorien, Archipelago, Canyon, Corruption, Pillar, Sacred Grove, and Swamp, as well ass Winter Wonderland Forest and Desert from Frostfeast.
      To the best of my knowledge, these are entirely cosmetic and will not be able to have farmland built on them.
  • Dirt - fill your dug up terrain back in with actual dirt slabs instead of artificial fillers!

    • Dirt is naturally dug up when mining grass or dirt.
    • Dirt can also be obtained by the new Composting recipes.
    • Terrain can be replaced with dirt and used for farms, but there’s a few catches:
      – To fill a hole, you need to use dirt slabs.
      – After dirt is placed by the building creator, it will almost always turn entirely black, then fill the color in for the terrain automatically once built. Due to this factor, there’s only one swatch for dirt.
      – The coloration isn’t perfect; testing with the Pillar biome, the colours were sometimes off compared to untouched terrain next to it. I don’t know why.
      – You can’t place farmland directly on it; you need to select an adjacent terrain tile, and drag it over the area. Farms do seem to be just fine once placed.
      – While I know dirt shows up in the other tabs (walls, stairs, etc), I have not tested it very thoroughly, as my purpose for it was to fill in terrain holes. As such, I am not certain what the resulting color will be; based on the slab’s behavior, my guess is that it will be assigned a biome-generation based color.
  • Speaking of which - Composting! Maybe you had some uncooked poyo sitting around too long, maybe you didn’t bring in all that fish quickly enough, maybe you somehow had an entire field of turnips go bad; never fear, you can now put that rotten waste to use!

    • Herbalists can craft Rotten foodstuffs into Compost. This process takes a fair bit of time, but you can do it in sets of ten or twenty if you have enough to work with.
    • Current available to compost: Rotten [produce] Baskets, Rotten Eggs, Rotten Jerky, Rotten Poyo Meat, Rotten Crab (Archipelago’s fisher), and Rotten Fish (Archipelago’s fisher).

Previews of the different building brush palettes, and images with in-game demonstrations:


First five 11x11 squares: Base + expanded wood colours
2 rows of 5x5: Terrain Mod colours
Rest: Building Colors - Stained wood colours



First five 11x11s: Base + expanded stone colours
2 rows of 5x5: Terrain Mod colours
Rest: Building Colors - Dyed stone colours


Clay Bricks

First four 11x11s: Base + expanded stone colours
2 rows of 5x5: Terrain Mod colours
Rest: Building Colors - Glazed clay brick colours


Painted Wood

Stained wood vs Painted Wood demo:



Polished Stone

Yes, I apologize; I did not put them in any kind of cohesive order. Largely because I couldn’t settle on one I liked >.>



As version 2.0 has resulted in some significant changes, I entirely rewrote the post and took all new images. The old information is included below, as well as the previous version’s download for those who would prefer it over the newest incarnation; keep in mind, however, that I will not be updating that version further.

This mod was developed for A22.5:
It has not been tested with older versions.
It has been tested with unstable A23, and is known to NOT be compatible with it. I will be looking into this shortly to see if I can make a version that works with it.



  • New Building Materials:

    • Painted Wood: More vibrant versions of the wood colours.
      Requires Primed Wood, crafted by the Carpenter.
    • Polished Stone: Stone colours based on real world stones and gemstones.
      Requires Refined Stone, crafted by the Mason.
    • Terra Cotta: Earthier versions of the clay colours. Uses clay resource.
    • Pisé de Terra: Terrain based colours, gathering from all current biomes (to the best of the Kitty’s knowledge). This includes mod biomes, and Frostfeast.
      Requires Packed Dirt, crafted by the Potter or Carpenter any crafting class.
    • Soil: Also known as dirt. Intended for imperfectly filling holes in terrain.
      Holes filled with compost can technically have farms placed on them, just not directly (you need to select a space next to the intended area).
  • Dirt can be mined while digging grass or dirt, or made from Compost, crafted by the Herbalist using rotten foodstuffs. Note: This is a very slow process!
    Compost can be made from: Rotten [produce] Baskets, Rotten Eggs, Rotten Jerky, Rotten Poyo Meat, Rotten Crab (Archipelago’s fisher), Rotten Fish (Archipelago’s fisher).
    If you find/know any other things that turn rotten that I missed, please let me know!

    • The json files for the compostable materials are being overridden to make this possible. This potentially may cause compatibility issues with any other mod that overrides these files. Note that this is only the rotten versions, not the normal ones.
    • If you do not play using Archipelago, your Stonehearth log will likely register complaints about missing files.
  • Revised colours

    • A few of the colour sets bugged me in terms of how they progressed across the shades, and others I was just never fully content with. I have a backup of the original colours, and can re-release them if there’s enough demand for the originals over the revision.
  • Added a yellow set to wood

    • I believe I originally skipped this set for wood because of the existing/expanded set. As my overhaul colours seemed distinct enough from them, I went ahead and added the set.
  • Revised colour names

    • Sets are now relatively unified, instead of the random jarble that resulted from changing them too many times and writing myself into a corner of discontentment. There is some deviation with certain material types.
  • Incorporation of @Relyss’s slabs with Terrain colours mod

    • In part because I was a bit concerned about compatibility. I was doing my best to try to ensure there shouldn’t be any issues, but I didn’t want to force a choice between the two mods if anything went awry.
    • Relyss’s terrain blocks are marked (Terrain Mod), and can be found in the original materials that he used for them (wood, stone, clay bricks). Per Relyss’s request, they also retain the original names they were given.
    • Permission was obtained prior to inclusion.
Version 1 [Download](https://www.dropbox.com/s/802mkrs7ul8j6yx/floor_colors.smod?dl=0)

This mod adds a multitude of colours to Wood, Stone, and Clay building options.
Yes, it says “floor colours”, because I didn’t realize the walls also drew off of them. But it does! And it has some really cool effects.

Here is the expanded palettes you will have to experience:




And some in-game demonstrations!
I used one of my favourite five-part building patterns for the pictures, which thus includes some of the base game materials that tie to the ones I made; I changed it to a four-part for the ones that don’t have a full set of five currently (I didn’t like a few of the fifth colours and removed them for now).

By Moonlight:

And Sunlight:

By Moonlight:

And Sunlight:

The one blue is on its own, because it seems to have not had its saturation lowered properly…but I quite like the resulting colour. Though if there’s demand for it, I’ll change it to match the rest of the dusty blue set.

Clay in Moonlight, with a little pixel art included :wink:

And Sunlight:


Kitty, you’re the best! These are amazing! :merry::heartpulse:


Daaaamn yes! I’ve been waiting that too long for A22. Thank you @Kittyodoom :slight_smile:

Now I can grow up my little green empire!

I will descover to myself tonight but, can I change the colours of the roofs also? for example at green?

Amazing as all of you do :smiley:

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Love the biome you have these on to show them off :joy:

Definitely getting when i get back from school!


Sadly only floors and walls right now; I couldn’t figure out roofs, but I can give them another look and work on an update

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Thank you so very much for this!!! That’s been one of the things that I’ve kept silent on that really bugged me, the lack of colors for building. Even in desert areas they like bright colors for glass, tile, weaving. Nobody wants to look and bland friggin’ sand colors all day lol. It’s fine to have a general theme like RC, but they desperately needed some brighter accent colors.

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Roofs are set in a very different way. Instead of having just a color code, it is actually a qb model. (floor and wall patterns too)
It is basically a model planned using the “9 patch” setup. Google it if needed and you will understand what a 9 patch is and how it applies to our roofs.


Ah, yes, I was just looking through the files and was going to give a poke at it via my usual method of clone/alter

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Prodding through things…roofs might be a bit complicated for me at this time. My apologies

Same here. Thank you @Kittyodoom, at long last.

Now we’re just waiting for someone making custom patterned tiles


Hopefully, someone can figure those out, since it’s in the same boat as the Roof

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It might be worth it to see if you can use a saved building template as a roof/floor/wall pattern. You would need a way to mark it as pattern, set up and save 9 patch rules, check that it’s valid and show it as an option in the building UI… and probably more… so it would be a project for sure, but it would be a solution to any future lack of patterns (as long as the desired pattern follows the rules of course). Players could create them in game and easily share them with others.
Don’t know if it’s a good idea to start looking at it before the new building system is release though.

Oh, making them wasn’t an issue; adding them was. That part works differently than the others.
Helps that my programming skills are exceptionally weak

Making them isn’t an issue as long as one has Qublice (or other voxel program) and knows how to use it. It would still require making a mod to get them in game though and… I’m not sure, can a mod be added to an existing game?
Either way, if it would be possible to use building templates as patterns then anyone can do it, in game, with no voxel editor or modding experience. Very user friendly and stuff.
And I didn’t mean you as in you necessarily. Just someone. :slight_smile:

A mod can be added to an existing game, yes; my Stonebunny and this one both work with existing games, is how I test them as quickly as I do. :slight_smile: Though I imagine it largely depends on the mod anyways, as I know some require a new game. Probably difference between those that mix-in new information, and those that override existing information.

As for the rest, indeed, here’s hoping. Looking at the roofs and patterns, was quite easy to make new models to add with MagicaVoxel like I usually do. Making a mod to add them didn’t go well, though, because the files they would add to were too complex for me. I’ll still keep trying, maybe I’ll manage to crack it at some point. But will watch optimistically for someone to beat me to it :smiley:

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Sorry, when I said they were all the same, I mean they all have a qb file. Only roofs need to be made with 9 patch rules.

For floor and walls, you can simple create a pattern and the game will be smart enough to use it as you expected. For example, a 2 voxel model, with 1 black and 1 white voxel, will result in black and white stripes as it got repeating the pattern to match your dragged size when used in game.
You can go as small or big as you want with those. If the draggable are is bigger than the pattern, the pattern will start repeating to fill the whole, if the drag area is smaller, it will just cut the pattern.

Yep! Saw and tried playing with that. Couldn’t get the game to recognize new files; best guess, I missed something it was supposed to be added to. But I am still not certain what.
When I say it doesn’t recognize new files, I mean that I made a copy of everything existed, added a copy of the code but changed all the new ones to “2”, just to try to get a second copy of everything to show up to see if it would work. No 2 files to be found.

I removed it, but I could do it all again and upload it if you (or anyone else for that matter) would like to review it.

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Yes, feel free to post what you did, I can take a quick look if you want.

First of all… Good job !
I was working on something like this :slight_smile: no need now tho. I also had a crack at adding roof types but encountered so many problems… like my magicavoxel exports beeing rotated 180. And other crashes but i was also trying to alter the shape. Also yes you could add a qb to change pattern colors but not the way they repeat which from what i see does not seem to be linear.

Keep up the good work!

Would anyone be interested in a version compatible with the A23 unstable build?

  • Yes!
  • Nah.

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What do you think of the colours currently available?

Wood: (Choose one)

  • I like the stains that are currently available.
  • I like the stains, but would like more colours.
  • I’m not big on the stains; the wood should be primed and painted for more vibrant colours.
  • I like the stains, but would also like painted woods.
  • I don’t like painted or stained wood: move all the colorful stuff to stone or a new material. ***
  • Other (which I’ll explain in a comment)

0 voters


  • I like the stones currently available.
  • I think there should be more colours that match natural stones: granite, limestone, marble, etc.
  • I think there should be more colours that are brighter and artificial.
  • I think there should be more colours that are brighter and artificial, but they should be a separate material. ***
  • I think there should be more colours both of natural stones and artificial colours.
  • Other (which I’ll explain in a comment)

0 voters


  • I like the current colours!
  • I think there should be more colour choices like the ones currently available.
  • I think there should be more colours that are darker than the current ones.
  • I think there should be more colours that are more muted and neutral.
  • I think there should be more colours of each of those options.
  • I think there should be more colours that are more muted and neutral, but they should be a separate material. ***
  • Other (which I’ll explain in a comment)

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*** New material explanation:

  • I’ve been contemplating trying my hand at adding three new materials, “painted wood” and “stone bricks”. In theory, they would have crafted components, like the clay bricks.
    • The carpenter would craft “primed wood” that would be a wooden version of clay bricks, which you would use for brighter coloured “painted wood” walls and floors.
    • The mason would craft “shaped stone” that would be the stone version of clay bricks, which you would use for brighter coloured “stone brick” walls and floors.
    • “Terracotta” walls and floors made from raw clay (rather than the bricks), which would have muted, natural colours for clay.