Building Colors

If you could have any building color you wanted in the game, what ones would you choose?

if you could place hex codes!

I am possibly doing a buiding color mod :smile:

if you want, you could use this site for it!


Cool idea. Might be hard to pick a color and not have it clash with the ingame colors.
I would love to have some inspired by Caribbean houses. like these


I will keep that in mind! currently I am in the works of doing on that consists of all tree, plant and some resource and possibly food colors! if all works out well I will probably create another mod with brighter/vibrant colors.

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Sounds really nice ^^
Is the colors going to be added, so they can be selected when building a new building or were you thinking of making it a job/function so that you could repaint an existing house/building/item ? :slight_smile:

Black and white
_#000000 and #FFFFFF (or light white #FAFAFA)

it would be for building, I am not that much of a modder, so something as a painter I wouldnt know how to do to be honest LOL

@groms I do know the terrain slab mod does have white! not black though. I will make sure I add those ones :slight_smile: