MOD - Anórien Biome


Here, the gleaming colors of autumn linger, and thrive in the sunlight…

Anórien is a biome landscape with sparsely raised mountains that topples over the rest of the terrain.
A great place to build a fortress, or a town far from the reach of most rascals and ruffians!


UPDATED 2018-08-31
Main MOD (Unpack the .zip file in your StoneHearth MODS folder.)
:arrow_right: anorien_biome.smod (SH01.0.v0.01.2 Build 5.30).zip (3.1 MB)


:scroll: Anórien Biome SH1.0 ( CHANGELOG #Build 5.30 ).txt (11.3 KB)
:scroll:Anórien Biome SH1.0 ( ERROR-LOG #Build 5.30 ).txt (2.1 KB)
:scroll:Anórien Biome SH1.0 ( PLANNED CONTENT #Build 5.30 ).txt (3.5 KB)

OLDER VERSIONS (Click to expand)

Released 2018-08-24 - Early Test-Release
anorien_biome (SH01.0.v0.01.1 Build 5.12).zip (3.1 MB)

Released 2017-04-17
:arrow_right: anorien_biome (A21.v0.04.0 Build 4.26)

Released 2016-10-31
Anórien Biome A19.v0.03.2 (Build 3.51).zip (3.1 MB)

Released 2016-10-13
Anórien Biome A18.v0.03.1 (Build 3.49).zip (3.1 MB)

Released 2016-09-25
Anórien Biome A18.v0.03.0 (Build 3.47).zip (3.1 MB)


So here is my first official MOD! :worried: :sweat: :sweat_smile:
It actually started as a part of my Descendants of Númenór MOD.
I wanted an environment that would encourage to build cities such as Minas Tirith, (Lord of The Rings).
I have plans for a Summer version of this biome too.

A huge thanks to @BrunoSupremo, @8BitCrab, @Relyss and @Hieronymous for helping me out with the coding and some pointers, @Kittyodoom for the Story Board art!

And It’s by @Wiese2007’s help this Biome endured the conversion to Alpha18!
Author of the Patrol Points MOD and the Retromod among others.

Please check out @BrunoSupremo’s Archipelago Biome, which gave me the inspiration for this MOD! :relaxed:

To see (or post?) some Interesting Anórien Biome Seeds you can now go here and have a look :wink:
It will be fun to see what settlements this might inspire!


@Vargbane Would you mind looking into make a Alpha16 Biome mod for something similar to a Minecraft Taiga biome? Snow or plain would be fine but currently nothing the current world gen can do would make one like that


I think Stonehearth already release a snow biome mod.
Frostfeast updated!
But only in A13, don’t know if they still continue to update the mod.


the team is going to be making a glacier/snow biome in the future,so it’s currently considered a dormant feature, as such if someone were to make a snow biome mod it would technically be breaking the modding rules… at least i’m pretty sure that’s the conclusion we came to last time someone wanted to make a snow biome mod, maybe @brad could shed some light on it…

also, sorry for the derailment of your thread @Vargbane


Here is the thread:

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Yep, I made an arctic biome too, but I didn’t released it cause it was already an official biome, it would be rude to get something from radiant and claiming as my own, even though I made a lot of changes. (It had a lot of water like the archipelago, with taller mountains and icebergs.)

@Vargbane, this biome will be excellent for another mod, the bastioneers mod, a race using stone as main resource.
[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20! from @Wharp (Please, if you have time, update your mod too? :sweat_smile: )

Anyway, you mentioned that it will be green fields, so I’m confused. You could not change the color?

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Id like to see something like the physical structure of the dessert biome, but green and more forrested like the forest biome. Also, dunno if it is possible, but a biome with lots of hills and such, so we can have a reason to build small bridges across the landscape.

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Hi! :smiley:

-I haven’t dug into that yet, it was about 04.00 at night when I finished the MOD enough to be released :sleeping: so it will be updated very soon.
Maybe to day, if I get the time (=

Trees, bushes and all, bit by bit.

Thought it would give some cool biomes to play with until then ^^

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No problem! (=
-Let me know if I have stepped over some line with this MOD, cause if so, it’s absolutely not with intent.

as far as i know this hasn’t stepped over the modding rules :slight_smile:

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Great :smile:

I’m thinking a little bit more pale color of the green grass, and mountains to fit the a Minas Tirith-like environment.

I have an update ready to release that will coincide with a big update to something else, so hold tight @BrunoSupremo :smile:


This looks stellar, can’t wait to try it out.

I like this idea a lot, since the new terrain generation went into effect I haven’t had as many chances to do this. A very noisy geography could make things more interesting.

I’d like to see a mod that has the plans and foothills containing the most minerals while the mountains have all the plants and animals.

@Vargbane How hard was this to learn? May I use your mod to test my own?


The one who ask @Vargbane

Before you answer, I just like to say CONGRATS on the new mod. Like the color scheme and the background behind it.

You dont deserve just a like but…

Copyright by Disney

If some of you readers are wondering why/what is this, this is NOT an official QA.
I just like to pay respect and ask question in a quirky way. Sorry for my English


This mod kinda reminds me/us of kunming and shilin rock forest of China, any thoughts on making it close to those? or stick to the lore of the mod which is from J. R. R. Tolkien’s books?

Implied but not stated that this is not the final form (geographic formation, aesthetics and plants) of your mod, do we expect some custom trees and other models prior to the background of the mod?

Judging from your previous discussion, your mod is based on Rayya’s Desert Biome. Do we get the same mining loot table as the desert or did you made a custom mining table for this mod biome? If it’s custom, what do we expect/get from it?

I have some concerns about the mod.

Can we have an official member about this kind of feature, mainly because my theory on this feature is that the blocks on the seed-map gets darker as it gets higher or it also gets darker as the height might have reach some kind of a ceiling boundary where you can only build in about just this height.

My question is, if the boundary theory is correct then what is your plan B about the mod? if their is no boundary, do you plan on making it higher/steeper mountains?

That’s all for now, hope sir @Vargbane answers these question. Thanks again for the awesome mod, we hope to here more someday.

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Hi! -And thanks (=

-Just don’t use any of my text or images if you release it, then I’m absolutely fine with it :+1: :relaxed:
The rest of the content belong to Team Radiant.

If you test it for private use, there’s no restrictions from my part.

-Making a MOD is one thing, the biome is a whole other thing ^^D
Quite easy to change the values, colors etc…
But to make them ‘co-exist’ and be friends, not so easy lol ><)

(1). Re-Name the .smod to .zip and unzip it.
(2). Go to folder \anorien_biome\data\biome.
(3). Open the anorien.json (-I use NotePad++ it has allot of handy functions)
(4). Try changing (as a mild start) the values of the following:

      "plains_percentage": 90,
      "height_base": 36,


      "mountains": {
         "step_size": 5,
         "step_count": 42

(5). Then zip the folder (anorien_biome) and change the name of to anorien_biome.smod.
(6). Make sure to put it in the '\StoneHearth\Mods' folder.
(7). Start StoneHearth, and test the MOD! (=



Thanks for your great feedback!
I appreciate it! :smiley:

Basically, I’m focused on my DoN MOD, so this MOD kind of just happened because I want to make a city like Minas Tirith (…some time in the future ^^)

I will try to stay true to the LoTR lore.
Btw, really awesome images (Kunming and Shilin) :+1:.

Yes, -I have a limited time to devote to modding, there of the slow progress.
The intent is so give the biome more dense clusters of trees, that wont cover too much of the plains.
All desert plants will be changed to the temperate vegetation.

Since I feel that my Númenór MOD needs the white tree, I will eventually look over that option.

-So far, I have no intent of changing the mining loot.
Part from attempting to add Mithril Silver to my main mod that is :relaxed:

The lighter the color, the higher altitude that mountain area carries.

This question is something that I guess you have to turn to an official modder.
I can’t give you an answer on this topic =/

I hope that I gave a somewhat good summary of your questions? :relaxed:

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Heathen ! Sublime Text is the One True Editor !


The black dots in the view map are the heights without a color scheme. You used more mountain layers than colors, so all colors missing are black at the minimap.

"rock_layer_6": "#c1c0bb",
"rock_layer_7": "#c1c0bb",
"rock_layer_8": "#c1c0bb",

Colors only go to the 8th layer.
I don’t know if we are able to simple add more color layers there. Maybe not I would guess, needs testing.



Great! -I will test it, and see if it works :relaxed:

As you suspected, adding more color-layers don’t make a difference…
Thank you for the hint anyway :+1: