[MOD] Retro Games


I have thinked me WHY NOT make an Honor for Monkey Island and this is my first try :smiley:

i have try to make the small picture placeable on walls and it shows lots of glitches - so at the moment just for the ground :wink:

Edit: Ok i have renamed it from Monkey Island to Retro Games because i have also add stuff from other games :wink:

Download Dropbox - retro_games.smod - Simplify your life


next will be a totem of elaine and lechuck ^^

edit: resolved ^^

my only issue i cant make correct screenshots for the recipes xD


just use stonevox and take pictures of the heads

also what is monkey island?

thx i will try it with stonevox ^^ and monkey island is an adventuregame of the first times of pcs ^^

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now with stan, meathook, 3headedmonkey, pirate council, herman and from day of the tentacle - purple ^^

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What, no red herring?

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@Averest is this ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

i love the description :stuck_out_tongue:

also i have planed largo, wally, voodoo lady, jojo monkey and the kannibals as totem xD


Dude! add it to PraiseDB :wink:

When i have finish it :wink:

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i should add a flag to say its active or inactive so it can be listed but then only allows active ones to show up to be downloaded.

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Aww I was hoping for “Something that will attract attention, but have no real importance” as a description but I’ll take that too! :smile:

Loved that game.

I don’t know what to say about this mod! Apart from the fact it looks interesting, weird (in a good way) and really cool! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I like the way that the objects aren’t properly 3d! Although, it would be cool to have some statues!

ok then we have a problem ^^ im here the codeguy and the translator but have not a single point on my charcard for artistic ^^ i just make some gifs into voxel and do them into the game ^^ at the moment i work on 23 new totems (with a little jump to day of the tentacle… perhaps i should rename it to retrogames?) xD

edit: so complete the implement and tomorrow i will add it to the localfile and release it :wink:


Sooo update!!!


You’ve been hard at work! Good job, it’s looking great!

can you do another during daytime? :smiley:

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That shouldnt be a problem i was just short on Time xD I must go to work and wanted to Release it xD


so some little region issues fixed and uploaded and here is a picture of all files ^^


This is crazy (how many things are there going to be?!)! :wink:

now there are LOTS of options ^^ like seen the modname was changed xD so if you have some good gifs of old games just send them to me xD