Kingdom mod idea's needed!

Im coming back to Stonehearth modding and wanna try making a kingdom mod, I tried one while back but it was too complex so I wanna try again from scratch with a whole new concept!
If you have any idea’s or concepts you want me to try please post below!


Why not try to build a kingdom based off an existing one from history? I always would recommend Rome as a good place to start looking.

I’m pretty sure there’s already a Roman decoration mod, but it’s outdated I think.

Hmm, prehaps try to bring Stonehearth into the modern age?

I kinda wanna avoid a overhaul mod. An idea I had was a “army camp mod” where every thing is army themed. My only issue is I have no way to do animations so if I wanted to do this mod Ide need to learn to animate xD or get help.

If you need need any help, I can texture or make models for ya, but here are some ideas I had floating around in the brain that I either have no time to do or just thought and never worked on it

Space Kingdom, with Fishbowl Helmets and Alien Goblins

Cave Kingdom (With Biome) Live Underground and never see the day, skins have whitened and eyes have dimmed a lot

WW2/WW1 Trenches, Bayonets, Grenades, and Enemy Goblins

Apocalypse Kingdom destroyed, gone, where else to live in the wasteland of the world?

Candy Kingdom, Chocolate Swords and Black Licorice Goblins

Cyberpunk Kingdom, Virtual and Tech based, fight robo Gobs V3.0 whilst feeding RAM to your Robo-Humanoids and VPN’s (Virtual Poyo Networks)

Pirates, thats about as far I as I got, NEXT!

FOOD FIGHT!!, like Sausages for weapons and because French Knights was too good to pass up.

Thats about it, feel free to use or contact for help.

"WW2/WW1 Trenches, Bayonets, Grenades, and Enemy Goblins"
Im actually experimenting with a ww1/steampunk idea atm.

I really suck at scripting, animations and I have to spend forever adding matrix’s to my models since I dont own qubical atm…

Sidenote: pirates sounds cool, like even a simple reskin mod would be cool given that theres already a islands mod.

I actually love doing art, especially animation, if you need anything done, i currently use VoxelShop, with its basic but well featured animation tools. Its fun and simple

Yes, I know pirates are cool, but I literally got to the Name “Pirates” and never got it working… But it seems cool, even more when we get ranged guns added into the game.

Im really considering starting the WW1 mod thing up but theirs so much coding Ide need to do its insane. Animations would mainly be for classes added by the mod such as riflemen and grenadier

Update:I still suck at .json
Im currently attempting to work with sublime to start writing the mod but god do I suck at processing this stuff.

have some early concepts for workers:

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These! I like these :smiley:

They should be quite simple to make as well, since it’s more about map generation than anything else. Jobs would probably have to receive slight modification for the Cave Kingdom idea and both could benefit from addition props; both furniture/decorations and actual world props.

So as to make it easier for you to find inspiration for that, it’s generally called Diesel Punk when it’s in that flavour combination.

Ahh, ww1/ww2 ,or any kind of history! If you need a wingman for history ,I’m your guy.

Bunnies. {sagely nod}

Agreed, time for bunnies.

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