Stonehearth idea: glorieus empire

hello everybody i have a great idea but i need some help from jou guys because i want to create a mod but i dont have the software and the knowledge for it. can somebody help me out with this i wil be very thankfull i will also update if you guys have some idea’s so asking is no problem. this is the word document i have created for now on: stonehearth glorieus empires^.docx (17.4 KB)

This might be possible but i have no clue how one would do it and i certainly cant, but it sounds like it would be very cool if it is possible.

Hi Marijn,
not to shoot your idea down, but i have been around on game modding sites for a long time by now, and never, ever will people just make something if you supply the idea. (unless its something that can be thrown togeather in like 5 minutes, then maybe)

now, your idea basically boils down to “stonehearth: modern army mode” if i read your document.
if you want to make this, you probably can. its not really all that -hard- to start modding in stonehearth. there is a clear guide, and people to help you out if you get stuck on the ace discord.

but if i can offer some advice. start SMALL. with one thing. preferable like a weapon or an item of some kind. then after you made one and you go have a small celebration, make another :slight_smile: that way you can just work on it and make it!

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thanks Wouter Sikkema.

np man, if you are concidering learning how to mod stonehearth, give a shout over on the discord :slightly_smiling_face:

we can probably get you started!

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