Playing with mods from a noob's point of view. :)

Hi! That’s my first post here and I had an idea recently for one very cool change on how you mod in Stonehearth. Basically the idea is to make mods a zip files and make a special folder in Documents for those files, which could be accesable from the game’s main menu in overlap “Mods”. The only thing you need to do is just download a Zip file with a mod in it and place this Zip file in a folder. It works fantastic in for example game called “”. It is the easiest implementation of mods to a game that I have ever seen. Devs, plz make this happened because modding in games is what keeps them going year by year and It makes player enjoy games more and more with next mod installed.
Stonehearth player; Wiktor Rybczyński :slight_smile:

It is already like this. You download the file, and put it in your mod folder. :slight_smile:


Really? Thanks a lot m8. Where is that folder exactly because I haven’t seen it in Documents and I also seen a guy (who trolled me, for example :stuck_out_tongue:) that said somewhere that you need to make you own mod first and then you can use other. XD

There are more links in those posts if these aren’t enough to help you get started.


Thanks a lot; I’ll get deeper in to this when I have more time. :slight_smile:

Go to where the game is installed, in its folder there is a mod folder. Just dump the mods there.
Usually it is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods

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Thanks m8! I’ll finally play with mods (hopefully). :slight_smile: