How to start modding?

Hi all

I bought this game 2 days ago and I aready have 20 hours on record. I quickly built massive strongholds, but after a while the game does get a bit tedious. So i want to mess aroud a bit and create my own content. However i have some questions:

  • I see updates about archers, orcs, hard mode, however my version does not have that content. I bought it and run it through steam. Where do i get newer (possibly unstable) versions. I would like to test these versions for bugs, and help improve the game, because it is awesome :grinning:

  • How do i import qb files in the game correctly?

  • Where do i start? I have read some things on the github, but i couldnt find any specific information on how to start modding. Any help is welcome, because this is the first game i want to mod, and I have NO CLUE how to start.

  • How powerful is modding a.t.m. Can i completely change the game, ui, or only add items/create new biomes/races?

Im just trying to gather all information in one place. Everything is welcome, videos, links, screenshots,…

Thanks in advance,


Open Steam -> Library -> right click Stonehearth -> properties -> betas -> opt in for the latest release

This will automatically update your game and you can play the latest unstable release.


Hello @Heblerp !
Welcome to the discourse!

I’m one of the Modders in the community

There isn’t really that much modders in the community at the moment and i welcome you to the… Thing!

I’m sure you know this, but just to let you know, the game is on Alpha, so some changes are bound to happen in the game that may brake your mod.
This could be minor and just require you to do something simple like relocating files or changing somecode lines. And in rare cases it may mean you’ll have to re-write a big chunk. But considering there’s still modding happening, i’m sure it’s something that can be handled

You can start by getting the starter mod(i assume you have it already)
You can reverse-engineer the mod to learn how to do the things that inside the starter mod.

Some modding elements aren’t in the starter mod yet, but you can ask or search it on the discourse

On how much you can change the game is as far as i know, is
Adding races, adding mobs(creatures), adding scenarios(quests or encounters), adding bioms, adding classes(jobs), adding structures, adding items, adding UI elements and features that are independent from the default(like ‘Hearthlings of many faces’ and i’m pretty sure you can’t ‘edit’ the existing ui, but you can re-texture it), adding crops(farming)
And there’s probably a but more, but that’s all i can think of at the moment

.qb files can me made and read in ‘Qubicle Constructor’ and are used for mobs,structures and pretty much every object in the game.
Qubicle voxel editor is on steam, and I believe the old version can be bought in the website


Ps : i’m on the modeling and animating department of modding, i don’t know much code, but there’s people that do.

Feel free to ask me if you need help in modeling or animating Via PM


hey there @Heblerp, welcome to the discourse! :smile:

@Hyrule_Symbol answered all your questions better than i could have, so alli’ll say is that, if you haven’t seen the starter mod Hyrule mentioned, here’s a link to it,

ahem, its actually Qubicle 3 that’s on steam (also, now called Qubicle Voxel Editor), and i don’t believe either of the old versions can be bought from the website anymore…


Ok thanks guys, I bought the Qubicle indie version on steam and im taking my first steps right now :smiley: @Hyrule_Symbol , ill be in touch with you soon, because i think im going to start whith making new objects/animating :wink:

If you’re going to make models, you can find this topic interesting.

Thanks for correcting me @8BitCrab !

And i’m now sad because we now don’t have access to the older versions… Hope the new one does all the things we’ll need, though

It definitely does, however you will need to buy the whole 70$ package to have all the tools :unamused:

All you’ll need is an option ot explrt in .qb and .obj ad modeling of course