In need of an assistant!

Alright so i am making my mod and i am working on implanting a lot of new items but it is a lot of work. So i am looking for someone who wants to help me make the mod with me.

Any help is welcome eve if its only a little bit ^¢^
The main things that need to be done is changing file names and .json files replacing the names. Another thing is exporting the models. The work is simple but takes time and having to do it all alone is a big task if you have a lot of items.

And i dont have anything i can give you in return except for my graditude and your name in the mod description. I am even willing to give a small gift trough steam if you want to become my partner in making the mod.

Besides the work i want to split it would be nice to become a partner in making the mods ^¢^

If there is no one intrested i will do it myself :3

This is the link to the page of my mods


If I get basic instructions I would love to help.


i would like to help but i don t have the game is there a way i can help you whit out the game.
I don’t have the game because i live in croatia. In croatia we have kunas and 1 euro is like 7.5 KN and Stonehearth cost like 22,99€ now on sale 18,39€ and that in kunas is like 138.68 Kn and the normal price is 173.37 Kn my dad and mum make like about 6.500 Kn a month and i get like 10 kn for school and i don t have a way to pay for the game.

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I can help with mass/batch renames every now and then. :relaxed:

I can also help with a lot of other stuff if you give me instructions.

Also, I think you mean implementing, not implanting :no_mouth:.

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Hm, i’ll be off topic, but do you use a pirated version, if so i’m kinda surprized you kinda admit to it, not that i have much against it though, the devs do deserve the price of the game, but i do feel the need for pirated content in a situation where you ‘actually’ can’t afford it or have no access to it(unlike some that really don’t take a little effort to save or use a little money on the game instead of a 1000dollar computer, i mean like, really can’t)

no i play at my friend’s house so i kinda play a little at him and i remeber what i played i would never use a pirated version because i tryed to start a game and it was hard and to make a game and not get pyed for it its just stupid and selfish