Ideas for new Mods

Hi! Well, I’ve played this game a lot and unfortunately, I couldn’t play so much the last year. But still I love it and I like the way mods bring a lot of stuff and history to the regular game.

So I will just write some ideas I have to include on a mod/s if anyone knows how to do it or would like to try it. For sure, feel free to as for further more information or just to include it on your future mods.

  1. Kingdoms: Now that I have convinced some friends to try the multiplayer in a role way, we would like to have some like “personal kingdoms”, where you can choose the race, the colors of your banner/shield and maybe add some random skills or choosable skills to personalize your own kingdom. Of course I would like to update the Lord of the rings Mod, it will be amazing for our online games.

  2. Horses: I always dreamed to have horses, it will be useful to drag carts for example or just to have a cavalry. Anyway, they would help to expand your kingdom easely and maybe to build more than 1 city.

  3. Boats: Thanks to @BrunoSupremo we have an excellence map to play as a pirates? :yum: I dream to have a specialized block that allows you to design your own ships and travel/fight with them. What about to have a seaman job or a captain? It sounds so interesting for me for online role pirates game.

… (Will expand it)

Thank you for reading!

Hello Baker,
well nr 2 and 3 are damn near impossible (its a miracle bruno managed to whip up the boat sollution he has now)
but kingdoms arent TOO hard to make. they just take time. now customisable kingdoms… i dont see that happening any time soon. but if you have an idea for a kingdom, i wouldnt mind pointing you in the right direction on how to make one. if you are on the ACE discord, other people can help there too :smiley:

Hey I heard horses were impossible, but that made me think… I have no experience with modding, and i have no ide how things work, but would it be posible, to have a unit, that is not 2 seperate NPCs but one?
I dont know if hearthlings can be “saved”, but one solution would be to make all units look the same. Like a faceless wolf rider unit wearing masks. And if they die, they could spawn a wolf and your original NPC who you gave the job to
(If I could mod i would 100% be trying to make this but i have no experience in this :C )

technicly that would be possible, yes, but the problem would be animations. and edge cases.
(like what to do if your hearthling needs sleep? eat? craft? etc. its not an RTS where units stay on their horse the whole time)

and animating in this game is difficult because there really arent any idiot proof tutorials with recent software you can get for free etc.

Hi @Wouter_Sikkema!

I’m quite interested to know how I could do it. I would like to know which software do you use to create objects and the hearthlings indeed. I’m not so good at it but I can give it a chance! :slight_smile:

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Well sto eh earth is surprisingly mod friendly at least for certain things like armor, weapons, kingdoms food etc (“things”)
You really only need 2 things, SOMETHING to read and write code (notepad++ can be downloaded for free, it’s what I use) and something to change and make models with (I’ll pm you for that)

After that, there is a modding “guide” for the game but its more a whole lot of how top’s so what I would advise is A: join the stonehearth discord (it’s where all the modders still around hang around, so they can help)
And B: copy stonehearth.smod from the games files (it’s under the mods folder) to somewhere, and rename the.smod part, you can then extract it and voila, lots of files you can look at!
I honestly would first advise to just look what you can find and recognise from the game, and if it makes any sense at all to you what you see

You could tinker with lore: the rider units are EXTREMELY close to their mounts: there could be a sleeping animation where they sleep on the ground with their animal, not needing beds (kinda using the mounts as a big fluffy pillow :smiley: ) They could alos eat with the animal, have an animation where they give one bite to the animal. But I was thinking about these units more and came up with a possible solution: There is a station that summons these units. So the hearthling would run up to the station, be despawned (and saved like the away from town effect, just saying mounted) And a new rider entety would spawn. As I imagined it, the rider units were to wear masks and full body cotches so your original hearthlings doesnt have to show.

Doing it that way might even work, wouldn’t be perfect but it might work, though then you would lose all personality of the ling in question

yeah the system might not be perfect but im looking into voxel editing and stuff so i might try to make some models/animations :smiley: