Kingdom Template

Hello everyone!

I’ve been away for a while. I’ve just picked up where I left off. In particular, one of my biome mods. I have for a while now been thinking about creating my own kingdom from scratch. But it’s safe to say, it’s quite a large challenge.

It has gotten me thinking.

Dev’s, if you are reading, I think this may be of benefit.

Why don’t you design a .smod that is a basic template for a kingdom, so people can easily make their own kingdoms?

put all the necessary files in it that’s required for a kingdom, similar to rayya’s chldren, but more simplified. No building templates, or super heavy coding required. Include all the body parts and costumes in the .smod so modders can edit the parts, truly creating a unique kingdom.

I don’t know where to even being when it comes to making a kingdom from scratch. But if there was a basic template, look at the number of kingdoms people could make for the game.Hey, you could even feature some of them in the finished product(if you so desired). I’m sure there are lots of people who would love to have their creations in a game! And since StoneHearth is a game about creating and building, shouldn’t it only come naturally to want to build a kingdom that is unique as well?

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Rayya Children :stuck_out_tongue:

You can simple let those out of your mod, and there is no code necessary in the rayya mod, outside the client start that you can copy from it.

Oh, you can also check the goblins from the swamp biome, and the bastioneers mod


This is a great suggestion! :smiley:

I made a small attempt to create my own custom race/kingdom awhile ago, and it seemed like a bit of a hassle…


the biggest problem with using rayya’s children as a template is the lack of “editables”.

By “editables” I am referring to actual editable voxel content. Rayya’s children only has 2or 3 heads to edit. Not to mention that I didn’t see any costumes to edit there at all.(That’s not to say they aren’t there.)
This creates a problem for someone who wants to design a creature Kingdom, like for instance, the Wild Settlers Mod.

Perhaps this might not be a problem for a Demi-God code writer as yourself, but for the layman, it’s super tough. This is the whole idea behind a Kingdom template. Taking something that’s extremely difficult, and giving that creative process over to anyone with some very basic knowledge.

I hope that this thread gets more attention. As kingdoms are one of the more lacking parts of StoneHearth right now.

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Oh, I got it.
Hearthling kingdoms are really easy to code because everything is already done, you just change a few models here and there and a few mechanics.
Most of Rayya is simple imported from Ascendancy with mixins.

The goblins are being a real challenge for the team because right of the bat you can’t reuse items like clothes or animations from hearthlings, I guess the same problem was faced by Wharp at his Bastioneer mod.




If the Dev’s built a Kingdom template that both they and the modding community could use, wouldn’t that be awesome?

With a bit of an investment on the dev’s part, Everyone (including themselves) would benefit from this. I see this as a win/win.

maybe that’s just me.

I was thinking of this earlier.

I can kind of see where the issues would come into play in that the current system the races are supposed to be balanced, whether they are or aren’t is up for debate. But since the main job varies as well as the caravans/crops that come things could get a little hinky as to if you’re just making cosmetic changes then I suppose you could pick one, rename it, change the colors/outfits but basically be playing Ascendancy or Raaya’s children’s default mechanics.

Now I don’t program/mod so obviously this idea is looking more at it from a vanilla side where I just want to press some buttons in the UI and call it a day.

Continuing on down my vanilla concerns, you could make it to where the races were more akin to something like a rpg setup where you pick your kingdom’s color scheme, ethnic theme, affinity (play style), and specialization (starting tools structure).

Now again obviously you’re talking more from a mod stand point where you can most likely impact all of these things with time an effort, but I think it would be a nice incorporation into the end game for the basic player too, but I was just hypothesizing on how that could be implemented.


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the idea of an in-game custom kingdom creator would be AWESOME! It could totally be done. especially if you were going to go with balances of either accendancy or rayya’s children, like you said.

Although I don’t think you’ll see this happen anytime soon. To be honest, we’ll be extremely lucky if they’ll even bother with the idea of a kingdom template at all.

My biggest pet peeve of StoneHearth right now is the lack of content. It seems like there is little to no emphasis being put on game content at the moment. They keep telling us it’s coming. But it feels like I’ve been waiting forever.And while I like the few new things they’ve given us, like happiness around objects, most of the objects I build in StoneHearth are mods. Because without them, it’s a pretty bland world.



I definitely agree that this sort of thing is a long way off, the focus right now is on the hearthlings themselves versus the other content.

Now that’s not to say I don’t think they’ve got more up their sleeve than they’re saying but at the same time we’re spending a few minutes of our days chatting about it. They’re working days at a time so I’m sure there’s a lot of half done content that they’re tweaking.

It seems for the most part that the hearth long side stuff isn’t necessarily less labor intensive, but it’s probably more tweakable so that’s what they’re letting us toy with for the time being. Your hearthling talking nonsense probably has less likelihood to tank the game as say a bigger gamble than implementing some huge content byte and it being a flop. They’re definitely cooking something up, but I think it’s also a lot of fine tuning.

IDK I’m just looking at it from a manager’s stand point that if it was MY team I wouldn’t be too quick to rush into more content at this stage of the game.

But agreed, more content is always fun. I want my purple knights on a desert map WITH WATER. Always trying to build a fake port town but the water options are so limited.

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Honestly id be ok with choosing kingdom colors… you know so you could play ascendancy and not have green be your color… so i could have purple ascendancy in purple clothes with purple footmen… as an example

itd still be ascendancy but it would add some simple customization to them.