Any tips when thinking of making a custom race? / kingdom


By now I’ve made quite a bit of viking related stuff and was thinking of making it race specific (so as to not clutter raya’s and ascendancy with it)

Does anyone have any hint on how to start/where to look for when it comes to making a new race?


The Rayna’s Children mod is the perfect example. Take some time to see how it’s implemented since its a kingdom mod itself :heart:


Ah, thats what I was thinking myself, thanks!


Not a problem! I’m working on updating Nihonjin so if you have any questions let me know :slight_smile:


thanks man!

gotta love the friendlyness of this games community :slight_smile:
( cool!, then we have vikings, japanese, my GF was thinking of doing greeks… now just someone that does egypt and we have the age of mythology nations done and done :stuck_out_tongue: )


gods figuring out what goes where for a race mod is like underwater 4d chess… also, the devs never heared about formatting in their life in their manifest files it seems… :’)


@Avairian i basicly copied over ALL of rayas and started renaming stuff and edition pictures, but so far its not showing up next to the original 2 in the menu… is there even enough space there for more then 2 XD?


Copy and pasting everything might not be the best way to go, but to each their own :sweat_smile:

For a kingdom you need to make sure you mixinto stonehearth:playable_kingdom_index and have an alias for your kingdom’s population.json in your manifest


yeah i was basicly hoping there’d be a “empty kingdom” mod somewhere that i could change up, literally the bare basics and work from there but rayas is…too damn full so i binned that plan.
while i suspect that there should be an easier way.

so basicly starting off with a re-named-re-pictrured ascendency would be fine)


Yeah there isn’t anything like that in there. For an empty kingdom all you need these files:

  • myKingdom_playable_kingdom_index.json (That specifies your kingdom is a playable kingdom)

  • myKingdom_population.json (To specify the specifics for your kingdom)

  • myKingdom_400x300.png (your kingdom portrait on the left of the screen)

  • myKingdom _story_board_image.png (the storyboard image on the right of the screen)

    In your manifest:

      "aliases" : {
           "kingdoms:myKingdom": "file(data/myKingdom_population.json)"
      "mixintos": {
           "stonehearth:playable_kingdom_index": "file(data/myKingdom_playable_kingdom_index.json)"


ill try it this way :slight_smile:thanks man!
ill let you know how i do


No problem :slight_smile:
Oh and yes it has room for more than 2 Kingdoms :wink:


Am I seeing correctly that rayas children is the fourth one in that picture? And dropping off screen?
Maybe there should be slide the bar left and right buttons there, especially once the devs actually want to add more races of their own…
@Relyss possibly something to acount for? The ui isn’t really suited for a large number of race mods as is I think?


It’s hard to see but there is a scroll bar on the bottom of the image for scrolling though all of them


Those popups got smaller in this recent version. Before we could actually see half of the fourth option.
This new design kinda hides the other options as it seems there are only 3.


Ah yes I see the scrollbar! (bonus points for thinking ahead whoever made that)


how did you make the cool people-render btw? the one with the brown background?

edit also, ITS ALIVE

placeholder name and art ofc but thats easy to fix.
it showed its face!

the thing that threw me for a loop was
“mykingdom” : “modname:shortnameofmodthatpointsto data/mykingdom_population.json”
because someone thought it a good idea to put it as

in rayas, with extra : between kingdoms and rayas children.
making it hard to understand that the order should be MODNAME:manifest shortcut to mykingdom_population.json …
“asgard” : “Vikingmod:kingdoms_asgard”

low _ for emphasis that its one thing, that should find its equal in the manifest…

im documenting my adventure into a custom race/kingdom making here in the hope that others might learn from it later.


This is actually just a naming convention used in the manifest to help organize things. Everything uses this.



The “kingdoms” in the middle just specifies that it’s an alias for a kingdom

Not really required I guess but you’ll learn that consistency is your friend :smile:


well yes, but it find it inconsistent: everything else thing_writen_like_this if its one thing
while modname:name_of_shortcut_does_not_contain_bloody_colons is the norm.
but eh, i figured it out, thanks for all the help man :slight_smile:

(on that note, how did you do your nice pic of your people in the choose-a-kingdom menu?
the one with the brown background.


It’s not inconsistent, it’s just the wording that’s throwing you off. The file name it is pointing to is rayas_chidren.json. Rayas_Children:Kingdom:rayas_children is just saying “Hey! This rayas children file in the Rayas Children mod is a kingdom file!” It makes more sense if you look at how entities are set in the manifest.

Not sure where I found the background, I can try to find it after work. The foreground was rendered in blender by my artist. :smile: