Anenor Elf Kingdom. Wip

Hi there every one! So a little bit ago i was posting about my Elf kingdom that i was working on and still am but now i would like to share with you some Progress pictures <3 so i how you enjoy! i will keep this up to date with more as progress is made!

I must give props to a few other modders on here for there help! :


Thank you all for your help <3 if i missed any one i am sorry and please remind me! and any one who helps in the future will also be added.




Well done! Bravo!



I am having a mental block when it comes to the design for many of the object for my elves :frowning: and this makes me vary vary sad. More so since i wish to have a HUGE catalog of things to be made.

Advice from a kingdom builder: one thing at a time. If you code up what you have and base it around ascendancy (and mix in/out what you (don’t) need you can get them playable. And during play you will go "hmm, but what if they had X or Y for an item?
And then you save, go make it and put it in and test. Repeat ad infinitum.

(once I’m back I can help with weapons and armour)