Elf Kingdom Want to help?


Hi there every one! i am working on trying to design an Elf Kingdom mod pack but i am a total noob to making mods but i LOVE Qubicle <3 So i have some question for every one if you are all willing to answer <3

So far my hearthling design seems to work so now there is the task of making them into a real Kingdom that you can chose from and make choice Variations for hair and the like!

More questions will come.

I will answer questions you have for me as well.


It’s more a case of proportions. You can easily make a race slightly bigger (via a scale command, look in my nordlings mod to the Knight) than normal hearthlings, but they would still be in proportion with normal hearthlings, so also wider etc. (has to do with the skeleton/animations)
You could get around this by making their bodies and clothing intentionally thinner than normal hearthlings though. So they would still techicly be proportioned, but just look tall and thin


Problem with just a scale up and making them Thinner is the lack of space for Details on there outfits. so there is no way i could just say make there Matrix larger?


You can have whatever size matrix you want, and then scale it by setting the scale property on the render_info component of the entity.


Questions for you Max? so far i have come close to my Hearthling working in game but there Fingers seem to be stuck in a claw position and i am positive i named there Matrix correctly.


Hard to tell without seeing the file itself.


i can share it with you if you would like? the design is not complete yet i just want to be sure to know i can have them work since i am learning.


Since i am going for a taller style of hearthling i realized that i am going to have fun making all the items fit there new size tho there size difference is not Dramatic just a few voxels taller… in fact i do not think they are even a full block taller.


Sure, if you upload the mod, I can take a look for any obvious causes. However, keep in mind that if you don’t preserve the proportions, the rig and animations will look odd unless you create custom ones.


Well i have sent you the file for the Elf. The way i have been testing it is using it as an outfit for a Job


My new question for every one is which is harder? making a working playable kingdom or a Job?


As someone who has made a kingdom but only mildly modified a job: job is definitly harder. Or technicly: fiddly-er.
A kingdom is something you can sort of take a cheat-sheet approach to. If you would take my nordlingmod right now you could just reverse engineer it into quote a nice kingdom without - too–much trouble for instance. But custom classes need more code, and a whole lot more - make from scratch_


well so far things are going slow but Steady and i am learning a good amount about Hearthlings and how they are made but still some things boggle my mind for example heads and eyes.


the Progress is getting so close! I am feeling like i am getting close to having some thing worth showing you all. <3


Any one with experience with making Hearthling outfits that detail differently for male and female interested in helping?


Hi @Grizzly :slight_smile:

I was reading your post here and i thought to myself: If only Grizzly had put up some illustrations or pictures, maybe a better presentation of the project, i think more people would be interested in helping out?

So share your project and people will get on board?

Thank you :sunny:


yea i know… just currently i do not really have any thing to show… but soon i will! Btw hi @Fornjotr its Mathrador.