Trying to swap the Hearthlings for playable Goblins

Hey everyone!

This is my first post here, so apologies if I’m going about it the wrong way.

I’ve been looking at modding HS a lot lately with the intent of replacing the people with goblins.

I kind of want to try and swap them around, so you’re playing a Goblin tribe, trying to make it in human infested lands.

But when swapping things around, how do I sort animations?
Do I have to custom animate everything, or can I use the animations already in place?
I’m thinking I can’t, as the “player characters” are human sized, so swapping the models with Goblins wont really work…

Any ideas on how I approach this?
Any help is much appreciated.


Recently I messed around with the animations for the Hearthlings in terms of adding new ones, but unfortunately the game only calls these from the stonehearth.smod at the moment.

I think it is feasible though, but I think you’d need to override all the hearthling anims with goblin ones and vice versa. That would be quite a bit of work and would break with every update to any anim/model.
Still I’d really like to see if you have any luck with this :smile:


firstly, welcome to the discourse @Teemo :smile:

secondly, i absolutely love your idea, and truly hope that this is possible. in fact i’m pretty sure every single person on the discourse hopes that you can do this, as almost everyone here loves the little green guys.

thirdly, though i myself am no help here, i can page our lovely modding support for you.

paging @Drotten, we have a very important modding question for you.

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It is an interesting challenge, adding a new playable species. There are a lot of things to consider for this, but since you’re asking about animations I’m gonna limit my answer to that. Also I’m gonna assume that you’re somewhat familiar with how effects and animations work together.

It’s as you say; you’d have to animate most stuff yourself as the goblins have none for: cutting wood, crafting stuff, mining, etc. It’s also unfortunate in how the game locates its animations: they’re found by using a path to a specific folder. So if you want to add your own animations you’d have to add them in the same directory as the other ones, which is impossible ATM (at least via another mod).

What I’d do myself is to copy all the effects and animations that the goblins currently have, paste them in a directory in your mod, and do a mixinto on the current goblin rig definition which gives the location to your own animations and effects folders. From there you can add the missing animations.


My my, what a fine little mess I’ve gotten myself into :wink:

Very well, let’s see if I can’t learn as I go along. Time permitting, I’ll try and keep people updated… I know for a fact I’ll have more questions :wink: