The Hearthlings, they have EYES! (detalied hearthling face and body structure )

I wanted to make the hearthlings a little more expressive, so I gave them eyes!

I also did a bunch of modifications to the model (trying to stick as much as possible to it as I could)

the hands are smaller, but the individual fingers are just as thick as the original)

I wanted to give the hearthlings more expression (and more customization)

These have:

mouth (I might remover this, as It looks kinda weird, but I would love to be able to find some suggestions)
wrists (no elbows, the arms look weird with them)
Higher ears (this allows the eyebrows to fall “under” whatever hat they choose to wear, so you can see them even is they are wearing headgear

Again, I wasnt happy with the mouth, but far and large my favorite addition are the eyes, they are MUCH more expressive (I think)

if anyone could help me get them into the game, and have them do some test, that would be awesome! (I can BARELY animate, It took me a long time to find a good voxel editor for making this, so if anyone could help me out, or would like to use them in their mod, shoot me a message and ill upload the voxel file!

Thanks again!