So many Stone's parts, but what about the Hearth's parts?

Stone aspects - building and designing houses, collecting resources, ton of contents for crafting, defending monster

but for Hearth aspects - eat, sleep

So, I want to know if there is any plan to add some complexity that will make hearthlings looks more like a person? They should have more Hearth inside them.


hey there @subject9373, welcome to the discourse :smile:

care to explain your idea a bit more? by making them look more like a person, do you mean having them do small activity’s during idle time (playing games, fishing, etc.) or something else?


thanks for the warm welcome @8BitCrab
yep something like that, I want to see hearthling do many kind of activities that effect their life, so that they won’t be just a mindless drones that are used by players to build house or craft items.
It’s the only issue that I think needed to be improved for the game. Everything else is great already.


Hey @subject9373 i believe this matter has been mentioned a few times, the devs said they were thinking about adding random things like “square” footballs that they can kick around when they’re idle. They have a system of priorities right now, and i guess that will be on the lower side of things but if you have any ideas you should write them down either in this threat you made or if someone knows of a larger thread on this topic they’ll direct you there. :slight_smile:

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It’d be nice if they had some more personality. There is some stuff in the journal but the happiness / sadness system could use more granularity.

On the other hand go too far down that route and you’re dwarf Fortress.


Hehehe :joy:

I agree though personality will help us get attached to our hearthlings and it’ll add the tension the devs have been trying to create in the last few streams.