Objects that hearthlings can interact with

I am aware the next update of stonehearth will help in making heart ling settlements more alive and less hive like but one thing I would like to see is objects that serve no purpose in helping the settlement survive but makes the settlement more alive. Objects like a mat that hearthlings will pray at or a tree stump where a hearthling will go to cut fire wood. There could also be objects that can only be used if the hearthling has the correct job. The objects could be a straw target that archers would practise on , a chair that soldiers and knights would sharpen their weapons while sitting on, a Practise dummy that footsolders would practise on and etc.
thanks for listening to my idea

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I liked the tree stump idea, I will see what I can do about it.

Just tested with the small oak and it worked! You cut it and it leave a stump. I will add all tree variations and release this as a mod! Thanks for the idea!


I just got this game about 3 days ago and already managed 21 hours into it; and this was exactly something I felt like was missing.
I would love to see more of the Hearthlings interacting with things. When I play starbound I simply fill my ship thing things to watch my crew members play with them, tbh. I would love to see the villagers flying kites or playing with balls, or just sitting around the edge of the fountains, or smelling the potted flowers.