Assigning Hearthlings to a Building

I apologize if this has been brought up before, I did search, but didn’t see anything that related to it on a skim of the post.

I think, that since we have the option to be putting up workman’s banners as decorations on the buildings, we should be able to assign workers to those buildings to live in as well. Home ownership, if you like. I made some larger sized houses, and I’m placing the workshops outside of them, and think it would be pretty darn neato if we could say “Mr Carpenter, you live here now” and other hearthlings wouldn’t steal his bed away.

Just my two cents.


Actually yes, they have mentioned this and are planned to add this feature.


yes, this has been brought up a fair few times, but I can’t locate/merge whilst trapped on this blasted phone! :smile:

and also, I agree…


I think this will be addressed in the task manager… (I think, don’t quote me on it)

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Also in the description it will say who owns it

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I was wondering if it’s possible to assign items and farms to individuals. It’d be a good change from other games like stonehearth where people/hearthlings can actually own items other than what they wear on their backs.

That includes farms. Well, communal farming might work in-game but remember Mao Ze Dong’s communal farming? Not that economics is at work within Stonehearth right now but it’d be a fun addition to see hearthlings own their own farm outside city walls.

My post is mostly about individually owned farms as opposed to communal farming.

Another thought of assigning. Right now using healing items is limited to the Herbalist. While I have nothing against it, it would be nice to mark some beds as “hospital beds”. You can have your healing tonics and bandages stored in a certain box near the healer’s station, but when wounded hearthlings choose a bed on the other side of your settlement you can see a poor herbalist running there and back again across the whole town, adding much unneeded time to the process.
For example a bed can have an icon to make it “hospital”. When there are more wounded than there are “hospital” beds, they can still use any closest available bed across the map, making the player think out his or her hospital place and expand it accordingly as the number of citizens grows.

The priority can be like this:
Use hospital bed >
use hearthling’s own assigned bed (family doctor to the rescue yay!) >
any closest unassigned bed >
any closest bed (when you’re dying you don’t have much choice)

so basically exactly like how rimworld handles it… i like it lol

I like this idea over all, but I have another idea for implementation.

Just like with stockpiles, we should be able to designate a “livable area” and upon clicking on it (just like a stock pile) be able to assign hearthlings to that spot. Once that spot is designated, the beds and doors and storage boxes ect. will be available to only those hearthlings.

Now I’d also like to be able to assign a hearthling their own bed, so maybe make clicking beds open a new menu with an assign option, then assign the bed to a hearthling.

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