Hearthlings should automatically claim beds

As the title says, Hearthlings without beds should actively seek free beds and claim them as their own as long as they don’t own one. This, of course, could be overridden by the player the same way beds are assigned now. If a bed is undeployed, ownership would automatically end, and the hearthling then would seek out a new bed.

Additionally, players should be able to set a bed’s ownership to “anyone” for situations where there are less beds than hearthlings. Plus, as suggested many times before, there should be a “hospital bed” category.

The reason I suggest this, is because the way it is currently handled can be quite tedious. For players who really don’t care which hearthling owns which bed, this would help tremendously, while those who want to micro-manage who gets to sleep where would retain the ability to do so.


I agree. In the game “Oxigen Not Included” that is exactly how it is handled. When night comes, those without a bed picks one without owner and it is auto attributed to them.

Interesting Idea. but I’ve found leaving a few beds unassigned allows hearthlings to sleep in turns. they don’t get the personal bed buff to happiness, but I don’t have to make to many cheap beds at the start of the game.

Would indeed be a great addition. When your town gets larger, the assigning of beds to hearthlings who just arrive (and finding which buildings have empty beds left) gets annoying. When you clearly have more beds than people, having them automatically find a bed and claim it to prevent the debuff would be great.

One extra suggestion, make the assigned owner have a different colour, to differentiate between having given a bed and automatically assigned beds, mainly for town planning and crafters having their own homes reasons.

Fully support this! I tend to not bother with the bed part, but that in turn makes the town feel way more “fake” with everyone scurrying off to the closest sleeping quarters they could find.

Personally I would love hearthlings with the loner trait to keep to their house more too! :slight_smile: