Quality of Life - Bed tweaks (ownership indication / assignment)

Given the new year I wanted to bring attention back to some older quality-of-life suggestions which the game is starting to need in terms of management.

In short:

  • 1. Either a clearer list, or UI indication, of who owns what bed where.
  • 2. Remove the owner of a bed when it is undeployed.

While beds are not the most important aspect, now that a Hearthling’s mood depends on getting their own and when towns creep upward to 20 of the buggers its hard to keep track of who is assigned where.

I can think of two examples of showing ownership which I’d imagine won’t require a tonne of work:

  • 1. Having the name display in the bed’s description.
  • 2. Having an icon hover above all deployed beds when one is selected.

That, or a list which focuses a camera to where a Heathling’s bed is when their name is clicked / add a bed icon or button to the current Heathling list to perform the same function.


Examples of previous suggestions based on this:


  • TCJ

Also - Can we pleeeease assign “barracks” beds to be used only be troops? As well as beds to be used for healing. Currently I’ve seen Hearthlings plonk down in other peoples beds when they’re injured.


The owned bed may use a different model. With slipers near it or with a named pillow.


This in particular has been bugging me too, now that you bring it up. Dedicated hospital beds which a Hearthling can’t use as a “bed” but rather to heal faster, should be an option to avoid cluttering houses. Right now I just have to put my designated barracks at the front of the town to make them the closest to the action.