Bed Assignments

Not sure if this has been suggested before or not (I did a search and didn’t see anything, but maybe I missed it…), but I was wondering, now that we can assign beds, would it be possible to either change the colour of the bed to denote that it belongs to someone, or have it show the owner’s name when you click on the bed? I find that because I have a couple spare beds around, I sometimes accidentally assign a bed to someone, which kicks out the previous owner, who I then have to assign a new bed to, which leads to the same problem repeating itself…It’s a minor problem, I know, but it does get annoying :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking a look at this!


it would be nice to see witch Hearthling you assigned the Bed. Or simply if its already assigned so someone or not.


While I do think it could be better implemented but you can infact see if it’s owned or not by going through the list of hearthlings! It will state if they own the bed or not!

Though like I said it should probably state first off if it’s owned on top and then for every hearthling state if they own a bed with just a little checkmark or icon next to where you actually assign.

Also just a little throw away comment, I’d love to see assignment to other objects or even objects within an assigned area!

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