Sort Bed Ownership List

@yshan @linda Would it be possible to get the bed ownership list sorted? It would be nice to see the current owner placed on the top of the list, if there is one, at least.

If possible it would also be nice to have the list sorted again to have all hearthlings without a bed assigned to appear next on the list and then all of the hearthlings that own a bed?

Further more would it also be possible to then sort the owner/nonowner"sublists" again to have hearthlings with the same class grouped together?

In simpler terms:

  • Current Bed’s Owner
  • [Footman] Doesn’t own a bed
  • [Footman] Doesn’t own a bed.
  • [Worker] Doesn’t own a bed.
  • [Farmer] Owns a bed.
  • [Worker] Owns a bed.
  • [Worker] Owns a bed.

I’m pretty sure it’s been posted already but hearthlings without bed assignment will sleep anywhere, even beds that have been assigned to others.

Should having a bed assigned to them help improve their shelter score? :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously I can’t speak for the devs, but I would say it’s possible and probably not very hard to accomplish because jQuery has support for sortable tables.

couldn’t agree more with this post, first couple times i assigned a bed i kept trying to re-assign beds because it took me a moment to realize the owner didn’t show at the top :laughing:

i find this really annoying, i don’t think my shepherd has even gotten a chance to sleep in her house/bed yet, because people without beds keep sleeping in it… :confounded:

but i think it was ruled as “not a bug” but i would personally prefer it if hearthlings who don’t have assigned beds would sleep in unowned beds, and if none available, sleep on the floor… but maybe i’m just cruel

maybe on easy mode :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think op has a good idea.

I have a suggestion. I would like to see a button to highlight beds without owners please - so possibly put an arrow on them when the button is clicked. I move my hearthlings around and then click on each bed to find out which one I freed up. I know that I could make notes or organise differently but I suggest it would just be helpful in gameplay to see which beds are un-owned on request.

yes! and if not this then some other solution like showing owner when clicking it, took me a while to realize those without beds will steal others beds, as i was just keeping a few with no owners but then they took owned beds.

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Welcome tooooo the living…
It seems that this is now in the game … WHICH FREAKS ME OUT.

Since ownership is now a “must” to make hearthlings happier, changing the list everytime I open up the assignment without beeing able to sort it, freaks me out.
It makes it harder for me to assign specific beds to specific hearthlings.

If I could sort the list, names, professions …

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not only sort the names, please also display the owners name in parenthesis when selecting the bed

Fine comfy bed (owners name)

this way you can easily go throughout your town and left click to check to see if a bed is missing an owner or not


Came here to say this - glad there’s already a post.

A checklist for hearthlings owning beds alongside, or as another tab to, the list showing their happiness - or perhaps a personal tab showing posessions, not just equipment.

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