Hearthlings Sleeping in Others Beds

Afternoon all,
I’ve noticed a bit of an oddity with the bed ownership system in A17. While a Hearthling can own the bed, it does not deter others from sleeping in it, nor do the Hearthlings with owned beds always go to that bed to sleep.
One other thing I’ve noticed is Footmen, when needing patched up, seem to go to the closest bed to them regardless of ownership.
Thanks for making an incredible game though!

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I think it might be on purpose. At least the Hearthlings sleeping in an owned bed. If they don’t own one of their own, they just look for one that doesn’t have another Hearthling in it. I don’t know why they wouldn’t sleep in the one they own, though.

For the footman I can understand. They sometimes fall asleep on the spot after a long battle. So it would make sense that when they have enough energy left they’d make for the nearest bed available

+1 for this
0.17.0 (develop 3002)

I’ve noticed that Hearthlings head for the closest bed again now, which they didn’t do before, despite whether or not they have one of their own or if the one they use is owned by someone else. For now I just try to keep their beds close to their workplaces so they end up in the right spots.

I’ve had this problem too. It seems setting the owner of a bed has no effect. Other hearthlings still sleep in the owned bed and the owner sleeps in any available bed. This is across all classes.

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Adding @yshan. I believe that the current implementation causes a hearthling to favor the bed they are assigned. When they get sleepy, they will try to sleep there if they can. Hearthlings with no beds assigned to them will sleep in any bed. If a hearthling is sleepy and there is already someone else in their bed, they will just go sleep in a random bed, regardless of that bed’s owner. In order to get all the beds working properly, assign every hearthling a bed.

The implication of this system is that hearthlings prefer sleeping somewhere to sleeping in their own bed, or not at all. It biases towards keeping hearthlings well rested, and it minimizes load on the CPU, since a hearthling only has to consider and discard their own bed, before looking for another.

Would you prefer that ONLY the hearthling assigned to a bed can sleep in that bed? If so, some implications follow: hearthlings will sleep on the floor if they cannot get to their bed in the time between they get sleepy, and when sleep overwhelms them, even if there are other, empty beds nearby. A hearthling with no bed assigned will always sleep on the floor even if there are empty beds right there. Hearthlings may have to consider multiple beds when looking for a bed, adding load to the CPU.

Let us know!


What if in the bed assignment UI there’s a Reserve flag, and that bed, when flagged as such, will only be usable by that assignee. If not flagged, it will work as you describe, as a preference only?

Sorry for the necro. In alpha 21 I find that Hearthlings will still occasionally ignore their assigned beds and sleep in whatever bed they feel like, even if it’s assigned to another Hearthling.

I’ve run across this, too. I have a farmer who has an assigned bed, but who sleeps elsewhere all the time, with the resulting negative to happiness. :glum: I even assigned him different beds on 3 successive days, but nope, he still kept that debuff.

@MostlyLost, in the case of your screenshot, the hearthling is not sleeping, she’s recuperating from injuries.

In that case, they go to rest to the nearest bed, to try to get treated asap.

If they are incapacitated rather than just injured, and have already a bed assigned, the rescuer will bring them to their own bed.

@Golden, if you still have that savefile, please upload it so that we can take a look at it.

I’m sorry, @Relyss, but that game was while I was visiting family out of state. I don’t think they kept the game on that computer. :forlorn:

No worries. Feel free to bump if you see it happening again. :slight_smile: