[A19] Bed Assignment question

Okay, so there’s a way to assign a bed to a Hearthling, but is there a way (other than watching the bed all day) to find out who has claimed a bed already?

Through the same interface?

Here’s a screenshot of the assign bed ui with an already assigned Hearthling:

And here’s a screenshot of a bed with no assigned onwer:

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If no beds say they’ve been claimed, does that mean hearthlings are basically sleeping in whatever bed is available, and not laying claim to one?

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Correct. They will take the closest available bed once they are tired. Be aware, at the moment bed claims aren’t restrictive to other Hearthlings. Any Hearthling who owns a bed will only sleep in their bed, but any other Hearthling can sleep there too. This is planned to be fixed in a later update.