Sleeping in owned bed, no unassigned, still has shared bed thought

This is an FYI post, because I’m using the unlimited inventory.


Sleeping in bed assigned to them, with no unassigned hearthlings to beds in drop down list, has the sleeping in shared bed thought.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make beds plus extras for incoming hearthlings
  2. Assign beds to every hearthling via list so that each name either says Owner, or Already Owns a Similar Object.
  3. Hearthlings sleep in the bed assigned to them, and some have shared bed thoughts.

Expected Results:
Everyone is pleased to have their own bed, and to have slept in it.

Actual Results:
Slept in assigned bed, but still feeling like they are sharing a bed. Noticed this when I was checking happiness thoughts on various hearthlings trying to determine window placement happiness.
(Still not getting anything on that, if there is a happiness thought for it. Possibly because the cooks who have window insanity around their beds as a ‘control’ won’t sleep when I want to know something about their thoughts. :wink: )
PS: Obviously this guy is headed to archer, just getting the HPs from max footman first. Would have preferred him as a farmer, but he arrived at the wrong time.

This is not the thing (I think) where the overtired, or injured drag themselves into whatever bed is closest. This is a Hearthling in the bed they are assigned to.

Version Number and Mods in use:
a20r701; mod inventory cap removed