Privacy System Bug

Playing on the latest alpha testing branch, and my hearthlings seem to think they are sleeping in the same room as other hearthlings, even though i created them their own little cottage. Tested with a couple different hearthlings, and they always get the debuff every night they sleep “slept in a shared room” No error messages have popped up, and it isn’t game breaking, but it is annoying.

I haven’t really played the latest alpha very much, but just to get the obvious things out of the way: are you sure they’re not getting the “slept in a shared bed” debuff that comes up when you don’t assign specific beds to specific hearthlings?


Yes, indeed.
@Messyca click on a bed and look on the lower left side of your UI, there is a button to assign a bed to a hearthling.

The beds were assigned specically to that hearthling, and they didn’t think the bed was shared just the room.