Heathlings getting stuck on top of a bed

I have no idea how this happened, but 2 of my Hearthlings managed to get stuck on top of a bed. I tried to remove the bed to see if that might fix it but no one responded to moving the bed, so they were both just stuck there until they died of starvation :confused:

Which version of the game were you playing?

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sort of like this perhaps?


I am seeing this too. Latest build in Steam. The Hearthlings have also sat all together in a single chair / bench during meals on several occasions!! :hushed: 7 or 8 Hearthlings are involved…

one question, did you try building a ladder up to them?

It’s not the same as the bed sharing bug (although i get that too). In this one it’s as if there’s a block on top of the bed and they’re standing on it, so they therefore can’t get down. I’ve tried building a ladder but the others did nothing. I’m not sure whether that’s an issue with task management with the hearthlings (sometimes they take ages to do what i tell them to) or whether it’s all part of this bug.