All of the hearthlings are idle and getting stuck

I was playing normally with 27 hearthlings. After a while hearthlings stopped doing their jobs. Their status became Idle. They aren’t doing their jobs, not crafting orders etc. Even Soldiers don’t fight. only some of them goes to fight then they die because not all the hearthlings going to fight with creatures.

Is this on the stable or unstable (Steam “latest”) branch? If the latter, can you upload a savegame please?

Is/was your village at it’s item limit? Because if I found if your hearthlings won’t do anything if your village is beyond the item limit. I suggest building a market stand as soon as possible so you can sell items when it happens.

As for hearthling getting stuck, I’m not sure this is the same thing you were talking about but this was the closest discussion to it and I didn’t want to open another unnecessary discussion if possible. But I’m pretty sure the hearthlings pathing a.i. is broke because I keep getting hearthings stuck in solid rock and I have seen hearthings walk straight through walls.

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Add images

From that screenshot, it appears you are using the “stable” version. That has a known pathing issue that has since been fixed. You can switch to unstable, or wait until the fix makes it to stable (should be by the end of this week).

ahh, ok thank you for letting me know.

I’m playing at BuildID: 2856500. My village isn’t at item limit. When I restart the game (quit and launch again) the whole village was doing their job. And for Hearthling stuck problem is they get stuck in air, in dirt and rocks. I need to mine and build to save them.

I can’t upload the save game it says the format of documents aren’t be uploadable