Observation on stuck Hearthlings

Hello all!
First post. Loving Stonehearth and have played 20+ hours since purchasing it about a week ago. I’ve noticed that the game really starts to bog down when you get 16+ hearthlings and can come to a total standstill at times. I know this is nothing new as I’ve read tons of the postings on it. I’ve done the save and reload workaround that it works most of the time. I did notice an interesting thing that happened this morning and I hope it can help the developers troubleshoot or optimize the code.
I have a quaint little town of about 10 buildings and 22 hearthlings. At one point all the hearthlings stopped working. I did the save and reload workaround and nothing happened. They all just stood around starving to death. Then one hearthling died, (one of my two farmers) . Instantly everyone went back to work and the game has been humming along with no problems and no stuck hearthlings for a few game days. I don’t know if it was something with that one hearthling that was gumming up the system or if having 21 hearthings is a magic number. Either way, I thought it might be helpful to mention. And if an devs are reading this, You guys and gals are doing an awesome job on this game!

Thank you,