Hearthlings get stuck!

EVERY time i play MP with my friend @Patrick-oc is there Hearthlings get stuck. And i did not know how to fix it. I hope you guys can fix it, i hate that bug, here is there a screenshot of Hearhling get stuck.

Can you describe how they get into this state? Is this hearthling about to be promoted? Just finished being promoted? Something else? If saving and reloading the game doesn’t fix it, can you please upload a savegame? If it does fix it, could you upload the stonehearth.log file from the game folder next time this happens?

I just got her and then I promoted her to footman and then she got stuck and she is dying. and have one named john but he died because he was stuck. :frowning:

Everytime me and my friend play StoneHearth multiplayer. One of us always get peoble stuck in nowhere? Hope you can fix it

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got this multiple times too already
try using the teleport command in the CTRL + C console, unstucks them most of the time.

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Do you still have the stonehearth.log?

@Lukas04 Thx dude <3

I have had the same issue, it happens anytime you have a hearthling get promoted while your town is being attacked in multiplayer. Saving and reloading Fixes it until another battle ensues.

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