Has the "Hearthling stuck in house" bug been fixed?

Hey guys, Stonehearth fan since I bough the game a year ago. I just wanted to ask a question:

Has the “Hearthling stuck in house bug after building original building” bug has finally been fixed? Because I’ve been having this problem every time I build my own original building. Each time that building’s finished, regardless if it has a door or not, my workers are trapped in the building, even with the door place. I stopped playing this game because of this critical bug. I thought everybody knew about this so I sat tight and waited for over like a year (and just now when I came back playing the game again).

So…has the bug been fixed yet though?

Sounds like an old bug; what version are you running?

ya its pretty much fixed expect for the slight chance of getting stuck in a roof but that is very rare

I don’t know…after all it’s been a year.

Last time I remember playing the game is before the lakes were added and when it still had that “Goblin mooching dialogue” thing.

Currently, I’m playing the stable current version. So far I haven’t used my original blueprints.

Like Yosmo78 said, you can still encounter odd bug but this one, never saw it recently.
Now, because we are still un alpha, a good habit is to save regularly and reload if any error appear to not lose any valuable work.