Hearthling Stuck in House

I am fairly convinced that my Hearthlings should be at the bottom of the food chain…
When building a new Home in my village, the hearthlings made 4 mistakes.

  • They made a random 2x2 hole in the wall
  • Didn’t finish one of the walls (But somehow placed)
  • Didn’t make a space in the wall for the door, and didn’t place the door.
  • Build the house around one of the hearthlings

So right now she is trapped in a house with no door, and I have an unusable home. At this point is there anything i can do to save her? I dont know if the game registers the building as finished or not due to the door not being there and some flags, so if i try to break the building down it might crash the game.

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Poor Hearthling… :frowning:

If only she had the smarts to crawl through that random hole in the wall they made…

most likely to place a window in, unless a window wasnt supposed to go there

Nope, I was going to have a window there, but then i decided to make the building more symmetrical and move the window 1 space over. After i hit the undo button the window left but the hole stayed there and i couldn’t place anymore windows on that wall, even in the part where the hole was.

wait… from that comment it sounds like your adding these after the house was completed. if thats the case, then thats where your problemo would be coming from.

sorry if that was just my misinterpretation

No, sorry for me not putting time into what I’m saying. I removed the window when I was in the blueprint stage, and the hole stayed there in the blueprint. Also for science, I was going to see if I could break down the home without breaking my game. Whenever i try to load that save, it shows a popup and closes the game.