Why Won't They Build It?

Right I am trying to build this, tried to build it one level at a time but the hearthlings started to break down the floor they were meant to construct on. So I attempted it in one blueprint.

They have got this far but will not any further.

I have tried adding a few ladders where I thought there was issues but as you can see no luck. Anyone out can see where I am going wrong. I have saved the blueprint and might try and see if I go back to the day one save I have, if that would work.

i faced a similar problem (with a much simpler design i might add, looks good!!) where they wouldn’t build.

I then realised that i didn’t have the recources i needed. and if the recources are in crates it sometimes gets stuck too.

Would also try saving and restarting, find that solves some of my issues too.

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Plenty of stone, either in stockpile or littered across the map. Tried the old reload solution as well, nothing! Thanks anyway for the response.

In case anyone asks. The fortress is a combination of manually placed walls so I could add doors. Singular placed blocks for the towers and floors. Edit: Just tried the blueprint and day one save, same problem. Got a feeling the issue is from where the manual wall tool placed walls meet the tower walls I built using individual blocks.

Likely your internal walls and/or slabs.

I have not been able to get Hearthlings to build anything with internal walls or any type of internal slab construction. The trick is to build the building’s shell first, then attempt to add the internal details afterwards. Even then, it’s not always successful. The build feature is pretty rough atm.

Yeah, I have found that combination of walls and slabs don’t work very well at the moment.

I would suggest building it in parts or completely out of slabs. You can use the ghost slab technique to place windows and doors on slabs.

I managed to combine both wall types for the ground floor but like I said they broke down the floor when starting the next floor. I have got around the internal wall limitations in the past updates.

In the past I have used the auto-wall and manual walls in combination, only using block placement for crenulations.

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