Custom building not building!

Ohai, devs!

I designed a building, so far the most ‘intricate’, I guess, yet it’s not building. Tried shoving some ladders to the side but it’s not doing the trick. Pathfinder seems busy. Hearthlings did however start building sleeping quarters that I placed afterwards. I saved the building as a template, deleted original and placed the template; no luck either!

I saved the same and quit in the middle of creating the building, so it was made in two sessions. Perhaps that poses a problem?
I’m using free standing walls on the second floor; perhaps the hearthlings try to build those before anything else and are therefore stuck trying to get there?

Otherwise I’m all out of ideas as to why it isn’t working. I’m getting a bit bored of the few stock buildings, though… so it’d be awesome if the custom building were working properly. Eventhough early access is early acces, naturally. You must have your own priorities. However I think a fleshed out and for the better part bug-free building system is more important than adding chickens. Or… chuckchucks, I should say. Pardon me.

Link to the save game: Dropbox - Error
And a new one on day 1, only some stockpiles and the in progress building: Dropbox - Error

Loving you guys madly, deeply, truly,

P.S: Got this from the ingame ‘ID’ thingy: 92163f20-378e-11e5-ab4e-0000b4ee4d26


Oh, my nickname is CptDipstick here. Geez, can’t keep track of my stack of nicknames. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t track down the thread, but I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that at the present time, internal walls will prevent your building from completing.

I also had a custom building that wouldn’t complete until I’d removed the internal walls.

I see. So no rooms in buildings for now, huh? :frowning:
It’ll make more sense to fix this by the time they add spaces assigned to hearthlings, though. All in due time. :smile:
For now I just cheated by using the ib command to build it, hehe.

yea, rooms inside buildings cause a lot of issues. if you want rooms normally, you have to build walls after the rest of the building. I’ve heard many say you have to use the slab tool, although using the freestanding wall tool inside the finished building MIGHT work. don’t take my word for it, though, I’ve given up trying to design stuff after having so much stuff thrown in my face lol. some of the construction geniuses on the forums might know better though, they’ve likely experimented heavily on what does and doesn’t work with designing buildings.

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Please do this too.

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The save file is already there, groms. :smile:

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