Hearthlings refuse to build - and other building issues :(

i cant build any costum builds! it has ruined my gameplay.

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Second of, Can you give us more information, What where you trying to do, What happened, Ect.

Also did you get any errors ect?

Also if you could provide us with screen shots, As you are a new user you won’t be able to upload directly but if you could upload them to imgur.com or some place similar and post it here a moderator will happily embed it for you!


I have that same issue, workers go idle and refuse to continue. No error messages or LuA crashes.

I was trying to build two 7x7 2 story boxes.

i was trying to build a tower then they stopped building it, later when i tried building again i got 34 error messages
saying something about no color! and whenever i create a new world it just gets worse:( i mean now its even hard without issues to command my settlers:(

the screen shot:(

I have the same issue, it seems to happen after they go and eat for me :confused:

I’ve only had this happen once. I’d make a habit of saving before every building you make also sometimes if they get stuck on a part and stop building sometimes building a few ladders next to the unfinished part will get things moving again. I know I often have to use ladders to get them to finish roofs and sometimes complex things I made with slabs.

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I’m with @WolfTheNinja;

I always make sure to save before I start a new building, as I have had the above situation (the color not found thing with the long list of white lettered errors) happen to me as well. IMO I’ve found it to be safer to save frequently and keep at least two (2) earlier saves on hand, just in case.

Because this is Alpha… and you never know what might happen :smile:

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I think this is the best place for my building-related errors:



try the ib instant command in the console it can help!