Premade Building VS My Custom Made Building

Not recently… in previous versions, the visual lay-out ingame of my custom buildings sometimes turned red, and then nobody dared touch it anymore. The problem mostly came up with curtains or other wall decorations. But I didn’t see that in alpha 10 anymore…

Sometimes, they pause in the middle of building and do other chores for a while and then suddenly come back to finish the house - especially when I use the LOOT command to pick up stone and ore in caves or wood where I chopped down a few trees.

Most important question here is probably: Do you have the missing windows and doors in your town inventory? Maybe your carpenter is busy picking daisies and ignoring his workshop…

I have the same Problem, larg houses will not be build.
If my hearthlings care, they will start digging for the base but they will not start building it.
And if they do not care, they even don’t start digging

They care less about buildings with stairs in it and floors with “holes” and buildings with balcony or terrace.

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i have all of them… i mean all. complete, but still haiz… ahaha annoying it is. really cant build a good custom building if this always happen… ill try not using the reinforced and the diamond window see if theres going to be any changes

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i feel you, needs 20 characters to post a reply… meh

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I think this is a simple building with two stairs in it:

But my little grumblers do not want to build it


OK, since someone will have to ask the stupid questions, I volunteer to do so…

You DO have stones in your stockpile, don’t you?


Yeah stupid question :smiley: hehehe
(But a question which has to been asked)

I have both enough stone and wood (got wood? yes)

Checked over 100 wood and stone

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of course man… and besides. all the stone works are done the only needed parts are the doors, windows and some more blocks to fill the gap which is wood not stones ^^

Hey Everyone, it’s hard to write a hearthling AI that knows how to get to every single possible permutation of building–which is where you come in! If you have a building that they just cannot build, please start a brand new game, draw out the exact same building that they get stuck on, and send us the save file. We’ll take a look and see what we’re missing.

Hopefully by the time the game is done, they’ll be able to get to lots more building structures than they can right now.


how do i send the save file? and where to send ^^

if you upload it to a file sharing site (like dropbox) and provide us with the link to the download that would work.


doesnt have a dropbox… and where can i find the saved file of the building… how about mega? or google drive?

any of those will work, it can be any file sharing website, dropbox was just an example.

[quote=“nimrod_adenir, post:13, topic:14525”]
and where can i find the saved file of the building
[/quote]if your playing on steam go to,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games


Here you go


hello… here u go this is the building, i hope it will help you… ill try making other buildings too and see if they wont build it also…

also here is the picture on what happened to my 3rd trial

heres another view…

one last time…

thank you in advance

Linked is a new save with 2 buildings that the workers will not begin construction:

I am running the latest dev build (2598). The same building without the walls will construct. I think this may have to do with the floor scaffolding trying to intersect the walls.


Thanks so much, everyone! We’re looking into it.


@sdee, do these building work now?

This thread is now closed to new responses. If you encounter buildings that are unable to be completed, please post them here:

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