[Building Not Building!] Funky Building giving my Hearthlings a headache. Including savegames

Hi folks/devs!

I decided to make a funky building with the sole purpose of driving my Hearthlings nuts as well as practice my aesthetics sense in Stonehearth. Mostly just to give you guys a savegame to analyze the building process and see if you can improve upon your building code.

The following file is a .7z, which can be opened by most zip/unzipping programs, however this extension is native to 7-Zip. I’ve seen you guys use it on the stream before, so I assume this isn’t a problem.
It features two save files; one that shows the building up til the point where my hearthlings couldn’t get the job done anymore (no pathfinding thread or anything going nuts either, mostly idle!), and one in which the building has yet to be started. I couldn’t save the building as a template and duplicate it in that way, either.

Hope this helps!


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