More objects furniture

I like how the game is going, but I feel the absence of objects for home decoration, no sofa, balcony, could have more weapons and armor choices, poles, among others … I am not criticizing the game, I’m just asking for more decorated objects and more weapons options, since they do not know how to make mods, I have to rely on others modders and team radiant kkkkkk


sorry if it fails to understand some things, I used google translator:grin:


Don’t worry, I can understand. Google translate actually worked out mostly well.

I like your idea, Stonehearth could use more interior furniture. I would like a fireplace, even if it was just to look good. Sofas would be nice too, since benches don’t always look very good indoors.


I’d like to see more weapons, but only if they behave differently in combat, and I can assign hearthlings to specific ones.

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I’m on it.

And on this as well.

I have virtually tons of ideas in furniture, but only so much time to work on them. Right now I’m tinkering with lighting sources (shameless self-advertisement) and containers (another shameless self-advertisement), but there are also lots of ideas I haven’t even touch yet.

You may be interested in some of these links meanwhile. “Settlement decor” is probably the first thing you’ll need.

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I’m lobbying for more furniture and decorations with the team as we speak. A lot of aesthetic stuff had to get put on hold for introducing more features and classes, as well as improving the engine.

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