Hearthlings and sleeping habits

Hey all, I’ve been playing StoneHearth a lot recenlt and i’m just coming over from Timeber and Stone

But one thing that I really loved about Timber and Stone was the ability to set specific times of day for your villiagers to sleep, say for example you have two footmen, you set the first one to sleep at night say from sun down and wake up at dawn, you can set your second one to sleep during the day so that way he can watch out at night for enemies and this cuts out any sparatic behavior or your soldiers not being at a post when you need them. Thats kist my two cents though. Thoughts?

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Welp first that would be a good idea BUT,

would you have a AM PM thing, a giant clock to make it extremely spicific or like Moring Dawn Dusk that kind of stuff?

Actually it would be as easy as specifying it by Dawn, Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Later Afternoon, Dusk, Night, Mid Night, rinse and repeat, I highly encourage you to look into Timber and Stone if you liek StoneHeart, there is a lot there that StoneHearth could use and recycle to multiply the utility of the game, sadly Timber and Stone isn’t being worked on at the moment, but it still has hours of fun and experimenting that can be squeezed out of it

Welcome to the forums, @TheCrimsonKing :smiley:! Glad to see another Timber and Stone fan out there.

Thank you, I’m glad you know what I’m referring to when I talk about the times of day and the schedules and so forth? I believe it would add an extra depth to the game if it’s implemented, and if no one wants to finagle with the times of day then perhaps it should just be automatically set to a regular nights sleep.

Hearthlings do already have their own loose schedule which only recently was messed with using the night owl trait

Yes, I did know that but if you wanted to have around the clock sentries or guards posted then you would have to get a hearthling that has a decent body stat along with the night owl trait to compliment their counter part without, the suggestion I’m making simply gives much more control over how hearth longs go about conducting their sleep schedules so that way you don’t have to force a footman hearth ling who is sleeping out of bed by command to go attack a target and be unhappy :slight_smile: